CODI: Cornucopia of Disability Information

Cornucopia of Disability Information

OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR Telephone: (609) 292-6000
State House, West State Street
CN 001, Trenton, NJ 08625-0001
Governor Christine Todd Whitman

Office of Constituent Relations (609) 777-2500
State Government
Department of Agriculture 292-3976
Department of Banking 292-7272
Department of Commerce & Economic Development 292-2444
Department of Community Affairs 292-6055
Department of Corrections 292-4036
Department of Education 292-4469
Department of Environmental Protection 292-3131
Department of Health 984-7160
Department of Human Services 292-3717
Department of Insurance 292-5360
Department of Labor 292-2405
Department of Law & Public Safety 984-3900
Department of Military & Veteran's Affairs 530-6892
Department of Personnel 292-4144
Department of State 984-1900
Department of Transportation 530-3535
Department of Treasury 633-6565

State House Operator 292-2121


32 West State Street, CN 700 TDD: (609) 777-3238
Trenton, NJ 08625-0700 Fax: (609) 292-7114
Chairman Francis L. Nardi

Located in but not of the New Jersey Department of Human Services, the
Council serves as the state planning body for developmental
disabilities. It is composed of 28 members appointed by the governor
and subject to the approval of the New Jersey Senate. In keeping with
federal and state statutes, Council membership includes people with
developmental disabilities; parents or guardians; representatives of
local, nongovernmental service providers; and ex-officio members
representing the principal state agencies that provide services to
people with developmental disabilities and theirfamilies. The Council
is responsible for developing and monitoring the State Plan for
services to people with developmental disabilities and administers the
federally assisted Basic State Grant Program. The Council publishes
People With Disabilities and Families magazines, as well as Resources
and other special subject publications.

Council Members

Consumers Colleen L. Fraser, Susan Coyle, Barbara Esposito, Mary
Oswald, Virginia Peters, Dennie Todd Parents or Guardians Serge
Sobolevitch, Ph.D., Wilma Farmer, Ph.D., Jane Kovara, Frank Nardi
Nongovernmental Service Providers Sidney Blanchard, Community Access,
Inc.; Walter X. Kalman, Arc/Raritan Valley Ex-Officio Members William
Connelly, Dept. of Community Affairs; Jean Marshall, Division of
Family Health Services; Thomas Jennings, Div. of Vocational
Rehabilitation Services; Patricia Johnson, Dept. of Higher Education;
Alan Kaufman, Div. of Mental Health & Hospitals; Velvet Miller, Div.
of Medical Assistance & Health Services; Sarah Mitchell, New Jersey
Protection & Advocacy Inc.;Robert Nicholas, Ph.D., Div. of
Developmental Disabilities; Barbara Gantwerk, Ph.D., Dept. of
Education; Marion Reitz, Div. of Family Development; James Smith, Div.
of Youth and Family Services; Deborah Spitalnik, Ph.D., University
Affiliated Program; .(four vacancies at press time)

Administration Telephone Fax
Executive Director Ethan B. Ellis (609) 292-3745 292-7114
Assistant Director Susan Richmond 292-3745
Media Specialist Norman Reim 292-3745
Planner Rachel Hickson 292-3745
Health Care Specialist Patricia Krupka 292-3745
Disability & Nonprofit Micro Loan Fund Coordinator Dennis Rizzo
Statewide Family Support Coordinator Suzette Harmon 292-3745


University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey TDD: (908) 235-4407
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Fax: (908) 235-5059
Brookwood II, 45 Knightsbridge Road, PO Box 6810,
Piscataway, NJ 08855-6810
Executive Director Deborah Spitalnik, Ph.D.


The University Affiliated Program of New Jersey is part of a national
network of UAPs sponsored by the Administration on Developmental
Disabilities, Administration for Children and Families, United States
Department of Health and Human Services. The purpose of UAPs, as
outlined in the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of
Rights Act Amendments of 1994, is to provide leadership in the
promotion of independence, productivity, integration and inclusion
into the community of individuals with developmental disabilities.
UAPs provide interdisciplinary preservice preparation of students
andfellows, including the preparation of leadership personnel;
community training and technical assistance for or with individuals
with developmental disabilities, family members, professionals,
paraprofessionals, students and volunteers; and the dissemination of
information and researchfindings.

Supported Employment Telephone Fax
Rebecca McDonald (908) 235-4447 235-5059

Primary Health Care for Adults
Michael Knox 235-4447 235-5059

Transition from School to Adult Life
Rebecca McDonald 235-4447 235-5059

Inclusive Education
Karen Melzer 235-4447 235-5059

Person-Centered Supports
Bill Gaventa 235-4447 235-5059

Congregational Supports
Bill Gaventa 235-4447 235-5059

The Americans with Disabilities Act & Accessibility
Coordinator Ina White 527-2326 235-5059


101 South Broad Street, CN 800, Trenton, NJ 08625-0800
Commissioner Harriet E. Derman

Division on Aging, 101 South Broad Street, CN 800, Trenton, NJ
08625-0800 Provides information, referral, counseling, training,
guidance and special assistance services to individuals and
organizations concerned with the well-being of aged persons. In
addition, he agency administers the Senior Community Service
Employment Program and the Congregate Housing Services Program.

Administration Telephone Fax
Director Ruth Reader (609) 292-4833 633-6609

Information and Outreach Services 984-6693
Program Operations 292-1876
>Congregate Housing Services Program 292-1876
>Safe Housing & Transportation Program 292-1876
>SeniorCommunity Services EmploymentProgram 292-8657

Division of Community Resources, 101 South Broad Street, CN 816,
Trenton, NJ 08625-0816 Provides financial and technical assistance to
nonprofit and local government agencies to improve the quality of life
for low-income families, people with disabilities and the elderly
poor. Administers the Community Services Block Grant and
Weatherization programs. Through its Office of Recreation, it
administers the Handicapped Person's Recreational Opportunities

Administration Telephone Fax
Acting Director Gregory Adkins (609) 292-6212

Office of Community Services 292-6172
Office of Legal Services 292-6262
Office of Low-Income Energy Conservation 292-6140
Office of Recreation 984-6654

Division of Housing, 101 South Broad Street, CN 806, Trenton,
NJ 08625-0816 lncludes the Housing Sponsor Services Element, the
Housing Assistance Element and the Housing Production and Community
Development Element, through which the division administers rental
assistance, moderate rehabilitation, relocation assistance, family
self-sufficiency program, emergency sheltergrants and homelessness
prevention programs.

Administration Telephone Fax
Director David Gardner (609) 633-6246 984-8454

Housing Sponsor Services Element
Assistant Director Anthony Cancro 633-6303
Office of Housing Advocacy 292-9470

Housing Assistance Element
Assistant Director Roy Ziegler (609) 633-6150
Section 8 Existing Housing Program
Housing Voucher Program 633-6151
Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation
Rental Rehabilitation 633-6179
Homelessness Prevention Program 633-6202
Family Self-Sufficiency Program 633-6149

Housing Production & Community Development Element
Director Richard N. Binetsky 633-6260
Homeless Shelter Program 633-6259
Relocation Assistance Program 633-6259

Division on Women, 101 South Broad Street, CN 801, Trenton, NJ 08625-0801
Established by state statute in 1974 as the central permanent agency
in state government for the coordination of programs and services
for women.

Administration Telephone Fax
Director Linda Bowker 292-8840 633-6821

ChildCare/DisabledWomen 633-6663
Development/Business 292-4951
Displaced Homemakers Program 292-9123
Hispanic Women's/Urban Women's Centers 633-6672
Prevention of Violence Against Women 292-7743


DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Telephone: (609) 292-4450
225 West State Street, CN 500, Trenton, NJ 08625-0500 Fax: (609) 777-4099
Commissioner Leo F. Klagholz


Division of Academic Programs and Standards, 225 West State Street,
CN 500, Trenton, NJ 08625-0500

Administration Telephone Fax
Assistant Commissioner (609) 292-4050 633-0658


Special Education Programs 292-0147 984-8422
Adult Education & Literacy 777-0577 633-9825
Basic Skills 292-8390 633-6874
Bilingual Education 292-8777 292-1211
Curriculum & Technology 984-1805 292-7276
Educational Programs & Student Support Services 292-5935 292-6483
Entitlements & Grants 292-7604 984-8422
Grants Management & Development 292-8534 633-0658
Program Development & Services 633-6430 984-8422
Learning Resource Center - North (201) 414-4491 414-4496
Learning Resource Center - North Satellite (201) 631-6345 631-6350
Learning Resource Center - Central (908) 679-8252 679-9599
Learning Resource Center - South (609) 582-7000 582-4323

Division of Urban & Field Services, 225 West State Street, CN 500,
Trenton, NJ 08625-0500

Administration Telephone Fax
Assistant Commissioner (609) 292-4442 777-3280

DirectServices 292-1544 777-3280
Equal Education Opportunity 984-0889 292-1707
Katzenbach School for the Deaf TDD 530-6620 530-3112 530-5791

Division of the State Library, Archives & History, 185 West State Street,
CN 520, Trenton, NJ 08625-0520

Main (609) 292-6201 292-2746
Library for the Blind & Disabled,2300 Stuyvesant Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08618
292-6450 530-6384
State Government Information Services 292-6220


NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Telephone: (609) 292-4043
CN 360, Trenton, NJ 08625-0360
Commissioner Len Fishman


Division of Family Health Services, CN 364, 50 East State Street,
Trenton, NJ 08625-0364 The division promotes the development of
resources to ensure a coordinated and prevention-oriented system of
health care services that meets both the long-recognized and newly
emerging needs of families -- particularly those deemed at high risk
for health problems.

Administration Telephone Fax
Assistant Commissioner Jean Marshall (609) 292-4043 292-3580
Administrative Director Ronald Woolston 292-4043
Fiscal and Grants Management Anthony Prunetti 984-1315

Community Health Services
Director Celeste Andriot 633-3666 292-3580
Preventive and Primary Care Services Program 984-0709
>Local Health Development 984-0709
>FQHC Expansion 984-0709
>Primary Care Cooperative 984-0709
>Child Health 292-5666
>Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention 292-5666
Reproductive Health Services Program 292-8104
>Family Planning Services 292-8104
>Prenatal/HealthStart/HealthStart Plus 633-3666
Evaluation and Monitoring Program 633-3666

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Director Dorleena Sammons-Posey 984-1302 292-3580
Prevention Program 984-6137
>Injury Prevention and Control 984-6137
>Sexual Assault/Rape Care 984-6137
>Health Education 984-6137
>Nutrition/Adult Cystic Fibrosis 984-6137
Health Promotion Program 292-5037
>Cardiovascular Disease/Hypertension 292-5037
>Diabetes 292-5037
>Alzheimer's Disease 292-5037
>Osteoporosis 292-5037
>Injury Surveillance 984-1302

Maternal and Child Health Planning and Regional Services
Director Roberta McDonough 292-5656 292-3580
MCH Epidemiology and Program Development 292-5656
Regional Services 292-5616
Specialized Services 292-5616

Special Child Health Services
Director Barbara Kern (609) 984-0755 292-3580
Birth Defects Surveillance 292-5676
Community Based Services 777-7778
Specialized Pediatric Service 292-1546
Early Intervention Services 777-7734

Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
Director Deborah Jones 292-9560
Food Delivery 292-9560
Health and Ancillary Support Services 292-9560
Monitoring and Evaluation 292-9560
Management Information Systems 292-9560

Division of AIDS Prevention & Control, CN 363, 50 East State Street,
Trenton, NJ 08625-0363 Information on care and treatment; education,
prevention and notification assistance; provides free confidential
testing through a number of medical sites.

Administration Telephone Fax
Assistant Commissioner Douglas Morgan 984-5874 292-4244

Prevention, Education and Quality Assurance 984-6000
Intervention and Care 984-6125

Division of Alcoholism, Drug Abuse and Addiction Services, CN 362,
Trenton, NJ 08625-0362 Information on prevention and treatment, with
special outreach to deaf community and to people with mental illness.

Administration Telephone Fax
Director Terrence J. O'Connor 292-7232 292-3816


CN 700, Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0700
Commissioner William Waldman

Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired, 153 Halsey Street, 5th
Floor, Newark, NJ 07102 Employment services, educational services,
independent living skills, information/referral, home instruction,
eye care services.

Administration Telephone Fax
Director Jamie C. Hilton (201) 648-2324 648-7364

Division of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Capital Center, 50 E. State
Street, CN 074, Trenton, NJ 08625-0074
Publishes "The Monthly Communicator" newsletter listing social
activities, events and conferences; sign-language interpreting
services; technical assistance, research, information/referral.

Administration Telephone Fax
Director Richard Herring (800) 792-8339 984-0390

Division of Developmental Disabilities, 50 E. State Street, CN 726,
Trenton, NJ 08625-0726 DDD is the lead provider of services to assist
people with developmental disabilities. The division offers family
support, community services, case management, day programs and
guardianship. Application for services is made through the regional

Administration Telephone Fax
Director Robert Nicholas (609) 292-7260 292-6610
Chief of Staff Douglas McGruther 292-7260

Southern Region
Assistant Director Claire Mahon (609) 757-4700 757-4699

Upper Central Region
Assistant Director Gwynn Brown (201) 379-1700 379-1061

Lower Central Region
Assistant Director Robert Smith (609) 292-4500 292-4219

Northern Region
Assistant Director Paula DiVenuto (201) 927-2600 927-2689

Division of Family Development, 6 Quakerbridge Plaza, CN 716, Trenton,
NJ 08625-0716 Bureau of Medical Affairs, family programs and programs
of income assistance

Administration Telephone Fax
Director Marion Reitz (609) 588-2401 588-3369

Office of Program Regulations 588-2289
Of fice of County Operations 588-2415
Office of Child Support and Paternity 588-2915

Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services, Quakerbridge
Plaza, Building 7, CN 712, Quakerbridge Road, Trenton, NJ 08625-0712
Provides health-related and financial assistance programs, including
Medicaid, HealthStart and New Jersey Care, for people with
disabilities and low-income and elderly persons.

Administration Telephone Fax
DirectorVelvetMiller (609) 588-2600 588-3583

Office of Managed Health Care Programs 588-2705
Office of Medical Affairs and Provider Relations 588-2721
Bureau of Claims and Accounts 588-2600
Statewide Respite Care Program 588-2902

Division of Mental Health and Hospitals, Capital Center, Third Floor,
CN 727, Trenton, NJ 08625-0726 The division provides services in four
adult state-run psychiatric and three specialty hospitals, and
contracts with approximalely 120 private non-profit agencies for
provision of community-based care.

Administration Telephone Fax
Director Alan G. Kaufman (609) 777-0701 777-0835
Deputy Director Denis Lafer 777-07l7

Office of Quality Improvement & Specialty Services
Assistant Director Michael Sclafani 777-0757

Northern Regional Offfce
Assistant Director Anne DeMuro (201) 977-4397

Central Regional Office
Assistant Director Theresa Wilson (609) 777-0675

Southern Regional Office
Assistant Director Jonathan Poag (609) 567-7352

Office of Children's Services
Assistant Director Lynn Kiernan (609) 777-0707

Division of Youth and Family Services, 50 East State Street, CN 717,
Trenton, NJ 08625-0717 Provides in-home supervision, protective
services, foster care, adoption services and residential treatment

Administration Telephone Fax
Director Pat Balasco-Barr (609) 292-6920 984-0507
Special Assistant to Director Charles Cheeseman 984-4315

Office of Institutional Abuse Investigation
Administrator Susan Manion 292-0617

Office of Adult Social Services
Administrator Terence Duffy 984-7752
>Personal Assistance Services Program 633-2392

Office of Adoption Operations and Support
Administrator Rose Zeltser 984-2384 984-5449

Office of Child Abuse Control
Manager Benita Rommel 588-2992 588-2997
CHILD ABUSE HOTLINE (800) 792-8610

Office of Residential Programs
Assistant Administrator Barry Silverstein (609) 984-6167 292-8224

Office of Education, 10 Quakerbridge Plaza, CN 700, Trenton, NJ 08625
Responsible for all education components in developmental centers, day
training centers, psychiatric hospitals, residential facilities and
juvenile services facilities; also operates an augmentative
communication resource center.

Administration Telephone Fax
Acting Director John Lewis (609) 588-3157 588-7239

Office for Prevention of Mental Retardation and Developmental
Disabilities, 222 South Warren Street, CN 700, Trenton, NJ 08625-0700
Established in 1987 to promote awareness and combat the causes of
developmental disabilities.

Administration Telephone Fax
Director Deborah E. Cohen (609) 984-3351 633-7988


Labor Building, John Fitch Plaza, CN 110, Trenton, NJ 08625-0110

Telephone: (609) 292-2323
Fax: (609) 633-9271
Commissioner Peter J. Calderone

The Department of Labor promotes economic activity and monitors labor
standards and labor relations. It also administers federal programs
such as unemployment compensation, disability insurance and workers'
ompensation. The department contains the Division of Vocational
Rehabiliation Services, which trains and laces workers with
disabilities, funds the state's Independent Living Centers and
administers the Technology esource Program (TARP).

Employment Security and Job Training Telephone Fax

Assistant Commissioner Paulette Laubsch (609) 984-5666
Division of Field Operations
Director Michael P. Malloy 292-2460 396-1685
>Division of Field Operations UI/ES Offices 984-7481 633-2884
>Division of Field Support 292-2400 396-1685
>Division of Temporary Disability Insurance 292-2700 984-4542
>Bureau of State Plan Disability Benefits 292-2747 984-4542
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Director Thomas G. Jennings 292-7318 292-8347
>Americans With Disabilities Act 633-6959
>Community Rehabiliation Programs 777-0146
>Field Services 777-0145
>Fine Arts (201) 996-8970
>Program Development (609) 292-7556
>Supported Employment 292-5918
>TARP/Independent Living 292-7498
>Training 292-7438
>Vehicle Modification/Assistive Technology 984-4534

Division of Workers Compensation Telephone Fax

Director and Chief Judge Mark E. Litowitz 292-2414
Information 292-2516


Richard J. Hughes Justice Building, Market and Warren Streets, Fax: (609)
CN 081, Trenton, NJ 08625-0081
Attorney General Deborah T. Poritz

Division on Civil Rights, 383 West State Street, CN 089, Trenton, NJ
08625-0089 The division is responsible for investigating allegations
of discrimination and for seeking resolution by conciliation, hearings
or court orders on behalf of discrimination victims. People with
disabilities may file complaints through any of the division's
enforcement branches.

Administration Telephone Fax
Director Clifford Gregory Stewart (609) 292-4605 777-0466

Division of Motor Vehicles, 25 South Montgomery Street, CN 015,
Trenton, NJ 08625-0015 The division's Special Plate Unit is
responsible for license plates and placards which allow drivers with
disabilities to legally park in designated "handicapped" parking

Administration Telephone Fax
DirectorRichard Kamin (609) 292-4570 777-4171

Special Plate Unit 292-0800