CODI: Cornucopia of Disability Information

Cornucopia of Disability Information

The Department of Health is the lead agency responsible for
New Jersey's statewide system of services for infants and toddlers
with developmental delays or disabilities, and their families.
Services are available to children, birth to 3, in every New Jersey
Early intervention services receive state and federal funds
through Part H of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The
ultimate goal is for children to maximize their potential to lead
full, productive lives with their families and within their own
The statewide system of early intervention services is a
coordinated effort among the New Jersey Department of Health, the New
Jersey Department of Human Services, the New Jersey Department of
Education and the New Jersey Developmental Disabilities Council. A
State Interagency Coordinating Council, appointed by the governor,
advises and assists the Department of Health as lead agency in the
development and implementation of New Jersey's early intervention


Each child is evaluated by a multidisciplinary team, which
includes the child's parents. If the child is not eligible for early
intervention, recommendations may be made for referral to other
appropriate resources. If the child is eligible, as determined by a
medical diagnosis or developmental evaluation, an Individualized
Family Service Plan to meet the needs of the child and the family will
be developed by the team.
Children are eligible if they are under age 3 and meet the
following State criteria: developmental delay of 25 percent in two or
more developmental areas (cognitive; physical, including gross motor,
fine motor, vision and hearing; communication, social/ emotional or
adaptive); or developmental delay of 33 percent in one developmental
area; or a medically diagnosed physical or mental condition that has a
high probability of resulting in developmental delay.
Examples of physical or mental conditions include, but are not
limited to: Down Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities; severe
sensory impairments, including vision and hearing; inborn errors of
metabolism; disorders reflecting disturbance of the development of the
nervous system; congenital infections; disorders secondary to exposure
to toxic substances, including fetal alcohol syndrome; and severe
attachment disorders.

Early lntervention Services

The Individualized Family Service Plan, based on identified
needs of each child and family, will include a combination of the
following services:

Assessment - Procedures to identify the child' s
strengths and developmental needs, as well as the
family's concerns, resources and priorities.

Assistive Technology - Provision of equipment, including
adaptive assistive devices, which has been designed or
altered for special use by a child with developmental

Audiology Services - Testing of the child's hearing and
referral for further services, as needed.

Family Training and Counseling - Guidance for the
family, such as help from trained personnel in
understanding the special needs of the child and
enhancing the child' s development.

Health Services - Assistance to enable a child to
benefit from other early intervention services
including: clean intermittent catheterization,
tracheostomy care, tube feeding, the changing of
dressings or ostomy collection bags, and consultation
with service providers concerning special health care

Medical Services - Diagnostic or evaluation services by
a licensed physician to determine a child's
developmental status and the need for early intervention
services. The early intervention system does not pay
for other medical services.

Nursing Services - Assistance to enable a child to
benefit from other early intervention services
including: health status assessments, nursing care to
prevent health problems or improve functioning,
administration of medications, and regimens prescribed
by a licensed physician.

Nutrition - Individual assessment, development and
monitoring of plans to address the child's
nutritional needs.

Occupational Therapy - Services to assist children
to learn skills needed for play and daily living. Design
and provide assistive devices.

Physical Therapy - Services to identify and help prevent
or reduce movement problems.

Psychological Services - Assessment and psychological
counseling for children, parents, and family.
Consultation on child development, child behavior,
parent training and education programs.

Service Coordination - Assistance in obtaining the
services needed by the child and family, providing
information about early intervention services, and
finding other needed resources in the community.

Social Work Services - Assessment of the child in the
home and family environment. Individual and family group
counseling and social-skillbuilding activities.

Special Instruction - Assisting children to develop
learning skills.

Speech/Language Pathology - Identification, referral and
provision of services to assist children to respond to
and understand communication.

Transportation - Transportation services that are
necessary to enable a child and family to receive early
intervention services.

Vision Services - Evaluation and assessment of vision.
Referral for medical or other professional services
necessary for the habilitation or rehabilitation of
visual functioning; communication skills training,
orientation and mobility training, visual training,
independent living skills training, and additional
training necessary to activate visual motor abilities.

Accessing Services

The county-based Special Child Health Services' Case
Management Units are the single points of entry into the early
intervention system. With famil consent, anyone may call to make
a referral. The case management unit will assign a service
coordinator to work with the family. The service coordinator will
arrange evaluation for eligibility at no cost to the family.

SCHS County Case Management Services

Atlantic County (609) 645-7700 ext 4336
Bergen County (201) 599-6153
Burlington County (609) 267-1950
Camden County (609) 227-3000
Cape May County (609) 465- 1203
Cumberland County (609) 453-2154
Essex County (201) 857-4663
Gloucester County (609) 262-4100
Hudson County (201) 915-2514
Hunterdon County (908) 788-6398
Mercer County (609) 588-8501
Middlesex County (908) 521-1247
Monmouth County (908) 224-6950
Morris County (201) 971-4155
Ocean County (908) 341-9700 ext 602
Passaic County (201) 256-4636
Salem County (609) 935-7510 ext 479
Somerset County (908) 725-2366
Sussex County (201) 948-5400 ext 62
Union County (908) 889-0950
Warren County (908) 689-6000 ext 258

Regional Collaboratives

The Regional Early Intervention Collaboratives are
independent, non-profit corporations established to provide a
community-based, culturally competent and consumer-driven early
intervention system. The collaboratives are responsible for
conducting assessments to identify regional needs; developing
plans to address the needs; for understanding and supporting
family preferences, needs, and quality of life; and for actively
involving families and community in every aspect of system
development. You can contact the regional collaboratives for
general information about early intervention or if you
experience difficulty obtaining services.

Regional Early Intervention Collaboratives

Southern Regional Early Intervention Collaborative
Stephanie Parks, executive director
Rowan College of New Jersey, Munyon House
201 Mullica Hill, Glassboro, NJ 08028
(609) 256-4640 Fax (609) 256-4927
(Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Salem Counties)

Central Regional Early Intervention Collaborative
Amanda Blagman, executive director
9 Deerpark Drive, Suite 103
Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
(908) 274-3350 Fax (908) 274-3356
(Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Somerset Counties)

Union/Essex Regional Early Intervention
Anne Marie Owens, executive director
2333 Morris Avenue, Suite A-20, Union, NJ 07083
(908) 964-5303 Fax (908) 964-6091
(Union, Essex Counties)

Regional Early Intervention Collaborative of Ocean &
Monmouth Counties
Marie Coll, executive director
Howell Heritage Plaza,3522 Route 9 South, Suite 301
Howell, NJ 07731
(908) 364-2010 Fax (908) 364-2061
(Monmouth, Ocean Counties)

Northeast Regional Early Intervention Collaborative
Jane Campbell, executive director
57 Willowbrook Boulevard, Suite 303
Wayne, NJ 07470
(201) 256-8484 Fax (201) 256-1233
(Bergen, Hudson, Passaic Counties)

Northwest New Jersey Regional Early Intervention
Jordana Zeger, executive director
PO Box 742, Flanders, NJ 07836
(201) 927-7558 Fax (201) 927-7765
(Morris, Warren, Sussex Counties)

Addifional Resources

Project Child Find is a toll-free number, operated by the
New Jersey Department of Health, for information and referrals to
early intervention and other services for children. In addition,
the RESOURCES DATABASE can help locate providers of early
intervention services and preschools.

Project Child Find (800) 322-8174