CODI: Cornucopia of Disability Information

New Jersey Department of Health

The New Jersey Department of Health is primarily responsible
for health care services. Three programs specifically provide
services to people with developmental disabilities: Special
ChildHealth Services, the Matemal and Child Health Planning and
Regional Services Program and the Women, Infants and Children Program

Special Child Health Services

Special Child Health Services is a comprehensive program
designed to provide a network of services to meet the health needs of
children with developmental disabilities. SCHS receives state, county
and federal funds under Title V of the federal Social Security Act.
The agency provides funds to a variety of medical facilities for
out-patient prevention, identification and treatment services
forchildren with disabling orpotentially disabling conditions.
Agencies receiving funds from SCHS are required to apply a sliding fee
scale for most children who are not covered by any third-party payers.
The component programs of SCHS are:

Medical and Rehabilitative Services, which funds
diagnostic evaluation and treatment centers for
children with physical disabilities orchronic

Birth Defects Monitoring Program, which maintains
the state-mandated birth defects registry and
special needs registry that provide data for
planning and epidemiologic studies;

Genetic Services, which is a statewide network jof
genetic evaluation and diagnostic centers which
provides testing and counseling;

Newborn Hearing Program, which reviews the medical
history of all newborns for risk factors
associated with hearing loss;

Newborn Biochemical Screening Program, a state-
mandated program to assure that infants affected
by phenylketonuria (PKU), congenital
hypothyroidism, galactosemia and
hemoglobinopathies are identified, evaluated and
receive proper treatment;

Early Intervention, which is a federally and
state funded program for infants and todllers,
birth to 3, with developmental delays or

Case Management, which coordinates individualized
and coordinated services, and helps eligible
children and familiesreceive services; and

Pediatric HIV Treatment, which consists of a
statewide network of medical centers that provides
testing, counseling and medical management to
high-risk children.

SCHS County Case Management Services

Atlantic County (609) 645-7700 ext. 4336
Bergen County (201) 599-6153
Burlington County (609) 267-1950
Camden County (609) 227-3000
Cape May County (609) 465-1203
CumberlandCounty (609) 453-2154
Essex County (201) 857-4663
Gloucester County (609) 262-4100
Hudson County (201) 915-2514
Hunterdon County (908) 788-6398
Mercer County (609) 588-8501
Middlesex County (908) 521-1247
Monmouth County (908) 224-6950
Morris County (201) 971-4155
Ocean County (908) 341-9700 ext. 602
Passaic County (201) 256-4636
Salem County (609) 935-7510 ext. 479
Somerset County (908) 725-2366
Sussex County (201) 948-5400 ext. 62
Union County (908) 889-0950
Warren County (908) 689-6000 ext. 258

SCHS Genetic Testing and Counseling Centers

Northern New Jersey

UMDNJ (201) 982-5275
Hackensack Medical Center (201) 996-5264
Jersey City Medical Center (201) 915-2095
Morristown Memorial Hospital (973) 971-5000
St. Peter's Medical Center (908) 745-6659
Monmouth Medical Center (908) 222-5200
Mercer Medical Center (609) 394-4026

Southern New Jersey

Atlantic City Medical Center (609) 441 -8156
Cooper Hospital (609) 757-9797

SCHS Pediatric HIV Treatment Centers

Children's Hospital of New Jersey
(201) 268-8273
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
(201) 926-6826
Jersey City Medical Center (201) 915-2295
St. Joseph's Hospital & Medical Center
UMDNJ / Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
(908) 235-7894
Jersey Shore Medical Center (908) 776-4271
Cooper Hospital University
Medical Center (609) 342-2089
Atlantic City Health Department (609) 347-5235

Maternal & Child Health Planning & Regional Services

The Maternal and Child Health Planning and Regional
Services is designed to improve the health of pregnant women,
infants and preschool children in New Jersey. The focus of the
program is to prevent major health problems for mothers and
young children by contracting with schools to provide a
variety of health services, including prenatal and perinatal
care. Eligibility is determined by the local agencies under
contract with the program, and is usually determined by family
size and income.

MCH Regional Services (609) 292-5616

Women, Infants & Children Program

The state's Women, Infants and Children Program provides
supplemental food, nutrition education and assistance in
arranging ongoing health care through 19 local agencies.
Participants in the program receive monthly checks to purchase
milk, infant formula, eggs, cereal, juice and peanut butter or
dried beans and peas at designated stores. The WIC Program
serves pregnant women; breastfeeding women up to infant's first
birthday; postpartum non-breastfeeding women for the first six
months; infants from birth through their first birthday; and
children up to age 5. Eligibility is based on family income and
the family's nutritional situation.

Local WlC Agencies

Atlantic WIC (609) 347-5663
BurlingtonCounty (609) 267-7004
CamdenCounty (609) 757-6592
CapeMay/Cumberland/Salem (609) 45l-5600
East Orange (201) 266-5467
Gloucester County (609) 423-7918
Hoboken (201) 420-2370
JerseyCity (201) 547-6842
MCOSS (908) 787-1670
Newark (201) 733-7575
NorthHudsonCounty (201) 866-4700
NORWESCAP (908) 545-1210
Plainfield (908) 753-3397
St. Joseph's (201) 881-7287
Trenton (609) 989-3320
UMDNJ (201) 456-3416
Ocean County (908) 341-9700
Passaic County (201) 365-5620
St. Elizabeth's (908) 527-5141

Financial Assistance

The Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services,
Department of Human Services, administers New Jersey's Medicaid
Program. Medicaid covers approved medical expenses of
individuals who meet established eligibility standards under a
fee-for-service system. Payments are made directly to the
medical care provider. Application is made through Medicaid
district offices.

Medicaid District Offices

Atlantic/Cape May/Cumberland (609) 441-3620
Bergen County (201) 488-5667
Burlington/Mercer (609) 261-0448
Camden/Gloucester/Salem (609) 757-2870
Essex County (201) 648-2470
Hudson County (201) 217-7100
Hunterdon/Middlesex/Union (908) 603-3151
Monmouth County (908) 308-1159
Morris/Sussex/Warren (201) 631-6440
Ocean County (908) 255-0731
Somerset County (908) 782-1130
Passaic County (201) 977-4077

Supplemental Security Income is a federal maintenance
program established for the aged and people with disabilities.
The program provides monthly payments to those with little or no
financial resources. The federal government administers SSI
through the Social Security Administration, but it is different
than social security. People over 65 and people with
disabilities, including children, may be eligible for SSI
payments, and will receive Medicaid automatically. Application
is made through any Social Security office. Parents or guardians
may apply on behalf of children under 18.

Social Securiy Administration
l (800) 772-1213 TDD 1 (800) 325-0778

New Jersey Care is a special Medicaid program for people
who have been denied Medicaid, but who cannot afford need health
care. To qualify, a person must meet the disability definition
of the Social Security Administration and fall within specific
income limits. Application is made through your county welfare

County Welfare Agencies

Atlantic County (609) 348-3001
Bergen County (201) 368-4200
Burlington County (609) 261-1000
Camden County (609) 757-8800
Cape May County (609) 886-6200
Cumberland County (609) 691-4600
Essex County (201) 733-3000
Gloucester County (609) 582-9200
Hudson County (201) 420-3000
Hunterdon County (908) 788-1300
Mercer County (609) 989-4320
Middlesex County (908) 745-3500
Monmouth County (908) 431-6000
Morris County (201) 326-7800
Ocean County (908) 349-1500
Passaic County (201) 881-0100
Salem County (609) 299-7200
Somerset County (908) 526-8800
Sussex County (201) 383-3600
Union County (908) 351-1112
Warren County (908) 475-4744

The Catastrophic Illness in Children Reflief Fund was
created by legislation to provide financial assistance for
families whose children have an illness or condition which is
not fully covered by a state or federal program or by insurance.
Assistance generally takes the form of payments to
health care providers or vendors with whom the family has
incurred debt. In some cases, families will be reimbursed for
expenses. However services must be medically authorized.
Families that have lived in New Jersey for at least six
months may be eligible if they have incurred health care
expenses that exceed 30 percent of the family's income (40
percent if the family income is over $100,000) for a child age
17 or younger. Eligiblility is determined by the CICRF
cornmission. Applications are made through the commission's
office in Trenton, or through the Special Child Health Services
county case management units.

Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund
(609) 292-0600