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History of Disabilities and Social Problems

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The bibliographies presented here were compiled for the purpose of
encouraging and advancing the study of the history of disabilities and social
problems. They may be freely copied and distributed. Where there is extensive
use of these bibliographies, acknowledgement of this work would be
appreciated. This version has been updated to Jan. 1, 1989. The
bibliographies are in WordPerfect format. For other word processors, use the
WordPerfect program to first convert the files to the ASCII format, then use
your favourite word processor.

I would appreciate any corrections and/or additions to the bibliographies. As
well, please send me your papers or published work on the history of
disabilities and social problems so that I can add them to the bibliographies
or perhaps discuss them in the newsletters of the associations for the study
of the history of disabilities. So far, there are associations in Canada,
France and Denmark. Write to me for more information, or send me a note over
one of two computer networks (DISC - send to GWOODILL, or
Bitnet/NetNorth/EARN/Janet - send to FCTY7310@RYERSON).

Gary Woodill, Ed.D. Telephone: (416) 979-5306 School of Early Childhood
Education Ryerson Polytechnical Institute 350 Victoria Street Toronto,
Ontario, Canada M5B 2K3


The following is a guide to particular files:

ABUSE - Abused children, feral children, abandoned children, orphans

ART-LIT - portrayal of disabilities in art and literature

ASYLUMS - history of asylums for mentally ill and mentally
retarded persons

BLIND - history of blind persons, treatment of blindness, schools for the

CHARITY - history of charity, welfare, and social assistance

CRIME - history of crime and criminals

DEAF - history of deaf persons, deafness, schools for the deaf

DWARFISM - history of dwarfs, myths and stories about dwarfs

GENERAL - historical articles and books which apply to
disabilities in general or which refer to a
number of disabilities

INTRO - an introductory essay to themes in the bibliographies,
explanation of sources

LD - history of the concept of learning disabilities

MEDICINE - history of medicine and medical professions,
especially as related to disabilities

MR - history of mentally retarded persons, treatment of mental

PHYSICAL - history of persons with physical disabilities,
treatment of physical disabilities

POVERTY - history of poor people, history of poverty

PRISONS - history of prisons

PSYCHIAT - history of the profession of psychiatry, evolution of
psychiatric methods

RELIGION - history of religions in regards to their response to
disabled persons

SICKNESS - history of sickness, diseases - includes leprosy, the
plague, epilepsy, etc.

SOCSCI - history of sociology and psychology, includes the
history of mental testing

SOCWORK - history of social work as a profession

SPECED - history of special education

SPEECH - history of persons with speech and language
difficulties, history of treatment of speech and
language difficulties

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