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	Six physically disabled students from Brooklyn College who are
all active members of S.O. F.E.D. U.P. (Student Organization For Every
Disability United For Progess) filed discrimination complaints against
the college with the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil
Rights.  The students: Patricia Bromberger, Cheryl Spear, Welinel
Saintilaire, Julio Perez, Vitaly Dunenman, and Catherine Sanderson
allege in their complaints that Brooklyn College is not in compliance
with the Americans with Disabilities Act and has fostered the
continuous practice of discrimination against students with
disabilities.  The lack of adequate signage, ramps, elevators and
facilities that are accessible and properly equipped, presents
insurmountable barriers to all students with disabilities.

	The students have repeatedly requested equal access to all
campus buildings, facilities and services, including but not limited
to: building entrances, elevators, classrooms, restrooms, offices,
locker rooms, libraries, drinking fountains, school publications,
library resource materials and computer systems.  Furthermore, the
students claim that the campus elevators are not adequately maintained
causing them to remain out of service for unreasonable periods of
time.  This has created a hazardous condition which has led to several

**	On November 1, 1994, complainant Catherine Sanderson was
forced to take the stairs in Boylan Hall due to the hazardous elevator
condition.  Due to her disability, Ms. Sanderson was caused to fall
and broke her ankle.

**	In the Fall of 1993, complainant Vitaly Dunenman, who is
confined to a wheelchair, was forced to withdraw from a class with
failure when he missed 14 classes in Whitehead Hall because both
elevators remained out of service for one month.

**	On December 21, 1994, complainant Patricia Bromberger, was
forced to tender a resignation as a College Assistant due to her
repeated demands to the college administration for equal access for
students with disabilities.  When Mrs. Bromberger refused to comply
with the resignation demand, she was terminated and removed from the
Brooklyn College payroll.

	According to the students' attorney, Alan L. Fuchsberg . . .
"Until all architectural, educational, and bureaucratic barriers are
removed from campus, Brooklyn College is guilty of handicapping
students with disabilities from achieving their rights and their goals."

	The complaints were filed yesterday.


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