CODI: Cornucopia of Disability Information

Reasonable Accommodations: Faculty Guide, Georgia Southern University

Dear Colleague:

Because Georgia Southern University is dedicated to the equality of 
educational opportunity, it is strongly committed to the creation of a 
campus environment, free of discrimination and bias in matters affecting 
people with disabilities. I encourage all faculty to assist those with 
disabilities in enjoying the same facilities, programs and services that 
others enjoy.

This Faculty Guide has been published to help you learn more about working 
with students who have disabilities, including their responsibility to 
communicate with you their special requirements. It will also direct you to 
support services available to you and the student.

By knowing more about the special challenges our students with 
disabilities face, we can better meet their educational needs, and ensure 
they have every opportunity to learn and benefit from the rich academic 
environment of Georgia Southern.


		Nicholas L. Henry, President