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Students with disabilities are responsible for informing the University,
and faculty members in particular, of disabilities that require
accommodations in the educational process. Students with disabilities first
contact the Office of Disability Services. After providing documentation of
the disability that requires accommodation, they consult with one of the
Disability Counselors about registering with the Office of Disability
Services.  Once the student is registered with this Office, he/she contacts
faculty members early in each quarter to provide each with a letter from
the Office of Disability Services. These letters inform faculty members of
the student's necessary and specific course accommodations. Students are
responsible for requesting accommodations in a timely manner so that
professors and Disability Services staff may plan for those accommodations.

Students with disabilities must maintain the same responsibility for their
education as other students. These responsibilities include maintaining the
academic integrity of courses and behaving appropriately.

If there are ever any questions as to recommended accommodations, please
contact the Office of Disability Services, Hampton Hall, (912) 681-5259;
TDD (912) 681-0666.

D. Lee Beard, Coordinator Disability Student Services

Sue Williams, ADA Compliance Officer