CODI: Cornucopia of Disability Information

Managing Information Resources for Accessibility

Managing Information Resources for Accessibility has been prepared by the
Clearinghouse on Computer Accommodation (COCA) of the Information Resources
Management Service (IRMS), General Services Administration (GSA).  This
handbook presents guidance to Federal managers and other personnel who are
unfamiliar with the policy and practice of information accessibility to
accommodate users with disabilities and provide for their effective access to
information resources.  Issues reviewed represent "lessons learned" by
agencies and GSA's Clearinghouse on Computer Accommodation.

COCA staff invite comments and contributions to the guide.  In addition, COCA
can be contacted to arrange demonstrations of accommodation solutions at
their technical resource center.  COCA is also available to assist managers
with technical advice and assistance during acquisition planning.

The COCA staff may be reached on 202-501-4906 (voice) or 202-501-2010 (TDD)
or via mail at GSA, Susan A. Brummel, Director, Clearinghouse on Computer
Accommodation, Room 2022, KGDO, 18th & F Streets, NW, Washington, DC 20405.

Thomas J. Buckholtz Judith A. Parks Commissioner Assistant Commissioner
Information Resources Management Service Office of GSA Information Systems
U.S. General Services Administration U.S. General Services Administration