CODI: Cornucopia of Disability Information



The following are representative public and private sector resources; the
list is not intended to be exhaustive or complete.  The annotation of v/TDD
following a phone number indicates the number may be used by both hearing
individuals or individuals using a telecommunications device for the deaf

Adaptive Equipment Center
Newington Children's Hospital
181 East Cedar Street
Newington, CT 06111
203-667-5405 v/TDD
800-344-5405 v/TDD
[funded by The National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, 
U. S. Department of Education]
1. Disability-related product database

Adult Loss of Hearing Association, Inc.
151 S. Tucson Blvd
Suite 242
Tucson, AZ 85716
602-795-6525 v/TDD
1. Support for hearing impaired individuals

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf
3417 Volta Place, NW
Washington, DC  20007-2778
202-337-5220 v/TDD
1. Public education advocacy for hearing impaired individuals

American Association of the Deaf-Blind
814 Thayer Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910
301-589-7279 v/TDD
301-587-1788 v/TDD
1. National consumer organization

American Council of the Blind, Inc. (ACB)
1155 15th St., NW
Suite 720
Washington, DC  20005
FAX 202-467-5085
1. Information resource for visually impaired individuals

American Foundation For The Blind
National Technology Center
15th West 16th Street
New York, NY 10011
1. Research and development of consumer products for blind and visually 
   impaired individuals
2. Evaluate products and publish reports
3. Information and referral database on assistive devices for blind and 
   visually impaired individuals

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc. (APH)
P.O. Box 6085
Louisville, KY  40206-0085
1. Instructional aids, tools, and supplies for visually impaired individuals

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
10801 Rockville Pike 
Rockville, MD 20852
301-897-5700 v/TDD
HELPLINE 800-638-8255 v/TDD
1. Provides information and assistance to people with communication disorders 
   as well as to their families and friends.

Apple Computer, Inc.
Disability Solution Group
20525 Mariani Avenue
Mail Stop:  36SE
Cupertino, CA  95014 
1. Apple works with key education, rehabilitation, and organizations 
   nation-wide to identify the computer related needs of individuals with 

Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually 
206 N. Washington St.
Suite 320
Alexandria, VA 22314

Association of Late-Deafened Adults (ALDA)
1027 Oakton
Evanston, IL  60202
312-604-4192 TDD
1. Focus on the unique problems of adults that become deaf late in life

AT&T Special Needs Center
2001 Route 46
Room 310
Parsippany, NJ  07054
800-233-1222 Voice
800-833-3232 TDD
1. Telephone equipment center for people with hearing impairments or other 

Baruch College
Computer Center for the Visually Impaired
17 Lexington Avenue
Box 515
New York, NY  10010
1. Provide training on adaptive equipment and applications software for 
   visually impaired individuals

Blinded Veterans Association
477 H Street, NW
Washington, DC  20001
1. Provide assistance for blinded Veterans

Braille Institute of America, Inc.
741 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA  90029
213-660-3880 (Library)
213-663-1111 (Institute)
1. School for the blind and visually impaired

Braille Research & Literacy
121 Beach Street
Boston, MA 02111
1. Resource for more information on braille

The Carroll Center for the Blind
770 Centre Street
Newton, MA  02158
1. Rehabilitation center for the legally blind

Center for Technology in Human Disabilities at the Maryland Rehabilitation 
2301 Argonne Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218
1. Empower individuals with disabilities to become more independent and 
   productive through appropriate technologies

Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind
1850 W. Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL 60608
1. Provide evaluation of potential and assist in employment procedures for 
   blind individuals

Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind
1421 P. Street, NW
Washington, DC  20005
1. Provide rehabilitation and training to visually impaired clients

Computerized Books for the Blind
Research and Training Center on Rural
Rehabilitation Services
33 Corbin Hall
University of Montana
Missoula, MT 59812
1. Resource for obtaining books on diskette

Council of Citizens with Low Vision International
Riley Tower 2
Suite 2300
600 North Alabama Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204-1415

Deaf-Blind Service Center
2366 East Lake Ave E.
Suite 312
Seattle, WA  98102
206-323-9178 v/TDD
1. Information and referral, advocacy, and coordination of services

International Deaf/Tek Inc.
P.O. Box 2431
Framingham, MA  01701-0404
508-620-1777 v\TDD
508-879-0410 v\TDD
508-872-9406 v\TDD
1. International electronic mail network for the deaf and hard of hearing

Direct Link
P.O. Box 1036
Solvang, CA  93463
1. Information and referral service for any disability related questions

District of Columbia Association of Deaf Citizens
P.O. Box 76641
Washington, DC  20013-6641
202-966-2031 TDD (Pres. Hubert Anderson)
202-362-1999 voice (Bernard Sussman)
1. DC affiliate of the National Association of the Deaf

The Dole Foundation for Employment of People with Disabilities
1819 H Street, NW 
Suite 850
Washington, DC 20006-3603
202-457-0318 v/TDD
202-457-0473 FAX
1. Provide information referral services that promote employment 
   opportunities for people with disabilities by linking businesses, service 
   providers, government agencies, and individuals to the National Disability 
   Employment Network.

Fairfax Resource Center for the Hearing Impaired (FRCHI)
2724 Dorr Avenue
Fairfax, VA  22031
703-560-1977 v/TDD
1. FRCHI programs and services provide information and referral, advocacy, 
   meeting space coordination, and community education.

Gallaudet University
Assistive Devices Facilities
800 Florida Ave., NE
Washington, DC  20002
1. Provide demonstrations and evaluations of auditory and non-auditory 
   assistive technology for deaf and hard of hearing individuals
2. Videotape and workbook on assistive devices also available

Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults
111 Middle Neck Road
Sand Point, NY  11050
516-944-8900 v/TDD
1. National research and training center, support services and training 
   to individuals, seminars for professionals throughout the country

The High-Tech Center for the Disabled of the California Community Colleges
1109 Ninth Street
Sacramento, CA  95814
1. Information on higher education and computer access for individuals with

IBM National Support Center for Persons with  Disabilities IBM Corporation
P.O. Box 2150-H6R01
Atlanta, GA  30301-2150
800-426-2133 voice
800-284-9482 TDD
1. Information and referral service for persons with disabilities

International Center for the Disabled (ICD)
340 East 24th Street
New York, NY  10010
1. Rehabilitation center

In Touch, Inc.
1111 Third Ave. S.
Suite 30
Minneapolis, MN  55404
612-342-2066 v/TDD
1. Deaf Blind Services

Job Accommodation Network (JAN) 
West Virginia University
809 Allen Hall
P.O. Box 6122
Morgantown, WV  26506-6122 
1. Assist employees and employers with work environment accommodations

Kentucky Assistive Technology Services (KATS)
Jan Weber, Director
427 Versailles Road
Frankfort, KY  40601
1. Assistance and information for people with disabilities in the state of 

Kentucky Department for the Blind
Assistive Technology Services Branch
Keith Creasy
1900 Brownsboro Road
Louisville, KY  40206
1. Provide training and equipment in assistive technology for persons who 
   are blind
2. Consultation and evaluation
3. Demonstration center of computer technology used by people with visual 
4. Computer bulletin board system for users of assistive technology services 
   and devices

Lions World Services for the Blind
2811 Fair Park Blvd
Little Rock, AR  72204
formerly Arkansas Enterprises for the Blind 
1. Rehabilitation center for the adult blind

Mainstream, Inc.
1030 15th Street, NW
Washington, DC  20005
202-898-1400 v/TDD
1. Job placement service for people with disabilities

Maryland Corporate Partnership
1100 N. Eutaw Street
Suite 205
Baltimore, MD  21201
1. Single point of contact for information concerning hiring persons with
   disabilities in the State of Maryland
National Association of the Deaf
8630 Fenton Street, Suite 820
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3876 301-587-1788 voice 301-587-1789 TDD 1. National consumer organization National Captioning Institute (NCI) 5203 Leesburg Pike Suite 1500 Falls Church, VA 22041 703-998-2400 1. Provide captioning of videos or movies 2. Source of caption decoder equipment 3. Sell equipment needed to caption videos The National Captioning Institute (NCI) 545 5th Ave. Suite 1403 New York, NY 10017 212-557-7011 1. Provide captioning of videos or movies National Easter Seal Society 70 East Lake Street Chicago, IL 60601 312-726-6200 1. Provide information and resources for assistance for people with disabilities 2. Assistive technology project to provide discounts on the purchase of certain computers 3. Loan project to assist people with disabilities in buying equipment National Federation of the Blind (NFB) 1800 Johnson St. Baltimore, MD 21230 301-659-9314 1. Information resource for visually impaired individuals National Information Center on Deafness (NICD) Gallaudet University 800 Florida Ave., NE Washington, DC 20002-3695 202-651-5051 voice 202-651-5052 TDD 1. Collect, develop, and disseminate information on deafness, hearing loss, and organizations and services for deaf and hard of hearing people National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped Library of Congress 1291 Taylor Street, NW Washington, DC 20542 202-707-5100 1. Provide books in braille and on cassette tape for eligible individuals National Multiple Sclerosis Society 205 East 42nd St. New York, NY 10017 212-986-3240 800-624-8236 1. Information resource for people with multiple sclerosis National Organization on Disability (NOD) 910 16th St., NW Suite 600 Washington, DC 20006 202-293-5960 1. Information resource on topics relevant to people with disabilities 2. Publish a quarterly report on the organizations program activities and current disability trends National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC) 8455 Colesville Road Suite 935 Silver Spring, MD 20910 800-346-2742 v/TDD 301-588-9284 v/TDD 1. Resource for research and referral information center dealing with disability rehabilitation and related issues Paralyzed Veterans of America 801 18th St., NW Washington, DC 20006 202-872-1300 1. Provide information and assistance to paralyzed veterans Perkins Project with Industry Perkins School for the Blind 175 N. Beacon Street Watertown, MA 02172 617-924-3434 1. Client intake and job match 2. Research visual components for the task 3. Match up the equipment to the demands of the job 4. Try to keep costs to a minimum 5. On-site training of clients and follow-up 6. Test equipment and software Project on the Handicapped in Science American Association for the Advancement of Science Contact: Virginia Stern 1333 H Street, NW Washington, DC 20005 202-326-6672 1. Clearinghouse for information on science and technology education for students and professionals with disabilities Recording for the Blind 20 Roszel Road Princeton, NJ 08540 609-452-0606 1. Record educational books for print handicapped individuals RESNA: The Association for the Advancement of Rehabilitation Technology 1101 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 700 Washington, DC 20036 202-857-1199 1. An interdisciplinary association for the advancement of rehabilitation and assistive technologies 2. Referral to service providers Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. (RID) 8719 Colesville Road Suite 310 Silver Spring, MD 20910 301-608-0050 v/TDD l. Listing of interpreter services nationwide 2. Registry of certified interpreters Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH) 7800 Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda, MD 20814 301-657-2248 voice 301-657-2249 TDD 1. Self help education and support group for hearing impaired individuals The Storer Computer Access Center Cleveland Society for the Blind 1909 East 101 Street Cleveland, OH 44106 216-791-8118 1. Provides wide range of services for blind or visually impaired individuals Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc. (TDI) 8719 Colesville Road Suite 300 Silver Spring, MD 20910 301-589-3006 TDD 301-589-3786 voice 1. Advocacy organization 2. Annually publishes the TDI International Telephone Directory of TDD numbers Tele-consumer Hotline 1910 K Street NW, Suite 610 Washington, DC 20006 800-332-1124 v/TDD 202-223-4371 v/TDD 1. Consumer information group primarily dealing with telecommunications Trace Research and Development Center on Communications, Control and Computer Access for Handicapped Individuals University of Wisconsin-Madison S151 Waisman Center 1500 Highland Avenue Madison, WI 53706 608-262-6966 voice 608-263-5408 TDD 1. Research and development center for computer access for people with disabilities 2. Database of product information and resources United Cerebal Palsy Association (UCP) Community Services Division 1552 K St., NW Suite 1112 Washington, DC 20005 202-842-1266 800-872-5827 1. Technology services information and referral Virginia Association for the Deaf (VAD) P.O. Box 692 Merrifield, VA 22116 Vision Foundation Inc. 818 Mt. Auburn St. Watertown, MA 02172 617-926-4232 800-852-3029 (MA only) 1. Information and referral on the availability of large print materials, aids, and appliances for people with low vision Volunteers For Visually Handicapped (VVH) 8720 Georgia Ave. Suite 210 Silver Spring, MD 20910 301-589-0894 1. Programs and services for blind and visually impaired individuals in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area Volunteers for Medical Engineering (VME)
Contact: Theo Pinette, Executive Director at
2301 Argonne Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218
fax 410-261-2907
Our website is
1. Volunteers applying engineering to solutions or problems for persons with

Western Blind Rehabilitation Center
Computer Training and Evaluation Center
Veterans Administration Hospital
3801 Miranda Avenue
Palo Alto, CA  94304
415-493-5000 ext. 4363
1. Rehabilitation services for legally blind Veterans 

World Institute on Disability (WID)
510 Sixteenth Street
Suite 100
Oakland, CA  94612
415-763-4100 v/TDD
415-763-4109 FAX
1. A public policy center dedicated to the elimination of handicappism through
   the promotion of independence, equity of opportunity, and full 
   participation of people with disabilities