CODI: Cornucopia of Disability Information




I.  Accessibility in the Evolving Information Environment

	A.  Federal Requirements for Accessibility

	B.  How People with Disabilities Access Information Resources

	C.  How Organizations Benefit from Accessible Information Environments

II. Accessibility as a Sound IRM Practice

	A.  Adopting Accessibility as a Sound IRM Practice

	B.  Establishing Accessibility Support Services

	C.  Acquisition Planning for Accessibility

III.  Overview of Accommodation Solutions

	A.  Introduction

	B.  Accommodating Users with Visual Impairments

	C.  Accommodating Users with Hearing Impairments

	D.  Accommodating Users with Mobility Impairments

	E.  Areas of Unmet Accommodation Needs

	F.  End User Training Considerations and Options


Additional Technical and Acquisition Considerations

	A. Technical Considerations in Product Selection

	B. Possible Proposal Elements

Accommodation Resources and Information

	C. Federal Government Resources

	D. Federal Agency TDD Number Update

	E. Public and Private Sector Resources

Statutory and Regulatory Information

	F. Applicable Public Laws

	G. Federal Information Resources Management Regulation (FIRMR) Excerpts

	H. Access Related FIRMR Bulletins

	I. Code of Federal Regulations on Reasonable Accommodation 	

Accommodation Products

	J. Representative Accommodation Products

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	K. Handbook Registration Form