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Making Software More Accessible for Persons with Disabilities

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Making Software More Accessible for People with Disabilities

A White Paper on the Design of Software Application Programs
to Increase Their Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Prepared by
Gregg C. Vanderheiden Ph.D.
Trace R&D Center
University of Wisconsin-Madison
in conjunction with Information Technology Foundation
(formerly ADAPSO Foundation)

as a resource document to software developers interested
in increasing the accessibility of their application programs

Release 1.2
June, 1992

This White Paper is designed to stimulate discussion on
the design of more accessible application software,
leading to the development of design guidelines for use by
industry. Comments, corrections, input, ideas, and issues
are solicited. Address comments to:
Gregg C. Vanderheiden, Ph.D.
Trace R & D Center
Dept of Industrial Engineering,
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI 53705
Internet VANDERHE@vms.macc.wisc.edu
Bitnet vanderhe@wiscmacc

(c) Copyright 1991 Board of Regents
University of Wisconsin System

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