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Microsoft'S Corporate Policy On Accessibility

	    Microsoft'S Corporate Policy On Accessibility
			     August 1995

As a leader in the software industry, Microsoft recognizes the
importance of developing products and information technologies
that are accessible and usable by all people, including those
with disabilities.
Microsoft will devote the time and resources necessary to
ensure that an ever greater number of users enjoy access to its
products, technologies and services.  It is the responsibility of
everyone at Microsoft to deliver on this commitment.

To realize this vision, Microsoft will address the needs of
people with disabilities during all phases of product planning,
development and support.  Efforts include the following:

*    Establish accessibility guidelines for use internally and by
     third-party developers.

*    Work with the disability community to solicit and
     incorporate feedback when planning and developing products
     and services.

*    Support developers of disability technologies.

*    Continue to recruit qualified people with disabilities to
     contribute to product-development efforts, services and
     corporate culture.

*    Address known accessibility issues with products and
     services as they are updated.