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Cornucopia of Disability Information


Announcing  ABLE-JOB Discussion List

> ABLE-JOB is an open discussion list which is dedicated to the
> advancement of people with discbilities and the workplace
> experience.  Subjects pertaining to research, development and
> assistance with online job opportunities for individuals with disabilities
> will be discussed, but not limmited to this topic.  Suggested topics might
> include work that can be done at home, companies employing or
> interested in employing people with disabilities, job development,
> sources for adaptive technology, disability job related experiences,
> job training availability, educational opportunities, discrimination
> against people with disabilities in the workplace and the law.

> The list moderators, Robert Ambrose and Dick Banks would like to
> take this opportunity to thank Dr Bob Zenhausern and his associates at
> St Johns University in New York for offering to house this list.  St Johns
> is quickly becoming the Rehabilitation Resource Mecca for disability
> related information in electronic formats.

> To subscribe to ABLE-JOB, send an e-mail message to;

> listserv@sjucm  (if you have a bitnet address)
>  (if you have an internet address)

> LEAVE THE SUBJECT LINE BLANK  and in the body of the mail
> message type this, remembering torreplace FirstName LastName
> with you name.

> sub able-job "FirstName LastName"

> You will receive notification of your subscription.

> If you have any problems or questions please feel free to contact the
> list moderators.

> Dick Banks
> Robert Ambrose


Dick Banks