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July 19, 1995
Texas Commission for the Blind
Vol. III, No. 15

In an effort to provide our consumers with the information they need to make 
informed choices, the Texas Commission for the Blind is passing along the 
following important news from advocates for families who have a child with a 

House Appropriations Subcommittee Eliminates Funding For Programs Helping 
Parents And Children With Disabilities

At its July 11 markup session, the House Appropriations Subcommittee on 
Labor, Health and Human Services and Education voted to eliminate funding for 
the following programs:

PARENT TRAINING - this includes programs like the Texas P.A.T.H. Project 
which serves over 5,000 families a year, and Project P.O.D.E.R. which serves 
hispanic families.

SPECIAL ED PERSONNEL TRAINING - programs for special ed teachers to ensure 
the best possible educational services in Texas schools.

SPECIAL ED TECHNOLOGY - programs like the Texas Assistive Technology Project 
(TATP) that helps to ensure children with disabilities have access to the 
latest adaptive technology.

CLEARINGHOUSES - programs like the Educational Resources and Information 
Center (ERIC), the National Information Clearinghouse for Children and Youth 
with Disabilities (NICHCY) and Higher Education and Adult Training for people 
with Disabilities (HEATH).

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION - federal funding for programs that serve children 
with disabilities, ages 3 to 5 years old.

Other programs that would be eliminated include REGIONAL RESOURCE CENTERS,  

Advocates say that the decisions about appropriations this year are largely 
based on a philosophy of +zero funding.   Under this philosophy the 
effectiveness of a program is measured by the reaction of constituents and 
advocates to its proposed elimination.  Discretionary programs are 
automatically recommended for zero funding.  If, however, there is a strong 
enough reaction from constituents about a particular program(s), some funding 
may be restored.  If there is no reaction from constituents or advocates, 
then the program will be eliminated.

Advocates urge all persons interested in these programs to contact Texas 
members of the House Appropriations Committee which will vote on the 
recommendations tomorrow, July 20, 1995.

Rep. Henry Bonilla 202-225-4511 
Rep. Tom Delay 202-225-5951
Rep. Charles Wilson 202-225-2401
Rep. Ron Coleman 202-225-4831
Rep. Jim Chapman 202-225-3035

For more information you can contact the TCB Public Information Office at 
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