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Step by Step: real life experiences with cerebral palsy

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Step by Step: real life experiences with cerebral palsy

written by Colleen Rose

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Colleen offers a comprehensive perspective using a combined method of therapy to teach the brain through repetition and various techniques that parents can utilize to accomplish unbelievable goals for their children. It also provides a listing of the most renowned rehabilitation institutes in North America and her own personal view on how to handle societal barriers.

Colleen was able to teach her daughter how to live independently through the use of some very effective rehabilitation techniques and common sense approaches. Her daughter knows how to sit up, feed herself, walk around the furniture, climb on and off the furniture, crawl, bathe herself, wash her own hair, tie her shoes, brush her teeth, climb up and down the stairs, dress herself, make her bed, clean her room, do the dishes, do the laundry, walk with a walker, is completely toilet trained, takes approximately 30 steps with canes, rides a bike, ice skates and she has now gone on to greater achievements.



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