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Companies that develop or distribute adaptive computing products:


Alternate Keyboarding

Alternate Pointing Devices/Using a Mouse

    • SteadyMouse -- free software with anti-tremor mouse filtering and removal of accidental mouse clicks. Works with Windows 7 and earlier.
    • Touch Window


    • AB Marketers - ergonomic personal aid products
    • The Original McKenzie Super Roll Lumbar Roll - Helps maintain correct posture while seated at a desk. Also works great for use in the car!
    • Design My Office - custom-designed office furniture
    • ErgoMart -- Quality ergonomic and assistive products for the cost-conscious consumer or purchasing manager. Site provides extensive and relevant ergonomics information about various product solutions for office and light industrial products.
    • Ergonomic Products (for independent sales reps)
    • WoodCraft of Michigan -- Manufacturer of ergonomic computer workstations that adjust to fit anyone and allow the user to sit in wheelchairs, recliners or any other type of chair. A unique sit or stand up workstation is also available.

Please click here for Specific Software and Hardware for Persons with Vision Impairments

Software for Persons with Learning Disabilities

Voice Recognition Products

    • 21st Century Eloquence
    • Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Transcription Software -- Dragon Naturally Speaking / Voice Recognition software Reseller and Medical Software consultant
    • Dragon Naturally Speaking -- hands down, this is the industry standard and probably the best software product on the market for voice recognition. Unfortunately, they no longer offer a free trial. I recommend you do more than the minimum 20 minute training for best results.
    • e-Speaking -- A comprehensive voice and speech recognition program to use your voice for command and control of your computer and dictation. As an alternative to other more expensive programs, e-Speaking can be downloaded for free. A 30 day trial period gives you the chance to fully evaluate the software.
    • Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc. - math software with voice recognition
    • Petrana -- an artificial personal assistant who talks to the computer user in spoken English and operates computer applications for the user easily, comfortably, and enjoyably, giving the user free use of his or her hands and freedom of movement.


    • Co:Writer -- The industry standard word prediction for Write:Outloud. It is a writing assistant program that helps construct sentences
    • WordQ/SpeakQ - I am currently evaluating this for a client. Very easy to use. Free 30 day trial.


Microsoft Word

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