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Meeting the Challenges of Aging with a Disability

	     Meeting the Challenges of Aging with a Disability:
		 Lessons Learned from Post Polio and Stroke

		A Research Update with Practical Applications

			      March 19-20, 1993

			   Airport Marriott Hotel
			   Long Beach, California

			 Margaret L. Campbell, Ph.D.
			    Arleen Wilson Jacobs

			      Sponsored by the
	    Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Aging
	    Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center, Downey, California
			     in conjunction with
		   Southern California Post Polio Network
		  Stroke Association of Southern California
			 International Polio Network


Sponsoring this conference on Aging with a Disability: Lessons Learned from
Post Polio and Stroke would not have been possible without the generous
support and commitment of numerous people and several organizations.

First, much credit belongs to the diversified group of nearly 60 people who
presented the plenary sessions and workshops.  Our presenters and
co-presenters included nationally recognized experts in medical
rehabilitation, polio and stroke, and geriatrics and gerontology as well as
disability advocates, persons with disabilities, and caregivers. Thanks to
each of you.

The second set of thanks belongs to the members of the Conference Advisory
Committee, who enthusiastically volunteered their time and expertise, and to
those members of the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center staff whose
spirit of cooperation and willingness to work overtime carried us through
many a difficult spot. The dedication of both groups contributed immeasurably
to the success of the conference. The editors would like to extend special
appreciation to Grace Farwell Granger, whose expertise in conference planning
is unrivaled, and to Brad Adams, Nida Lim, Darryl Quinn, Millie Sealana, and
Lisa Seransie for their competent attention to detail and their willingness
to work behind the scenes.

Third, the conference coordinator was fortunate to have access to the wise
counsel of Dr. Bryan Kemp, director of the RRTC on Aging with Disability, and
to the conference planning experience of the leaders of the three
co-sponsoring organizations: Susan Blatt and Joan Headley, executive
directors of the Stroke Association of Southern California and the
International Polio Network, respectively, and Glenn Ham-Rosebrock, who
chairs the Southern California Post Polio Network. Thank you.

Finally, because of our commitment to subsidizing the registration fees of
all conference attendees, obtaining substantial outside funding was essential
to achieving our goals. Here we owe a deep debt of gratitude to two anonymous
donors, one a private foundation and the other an individual, for their
sizable contributions, and to the RLA Foundation and the Amigos Fund, both of
Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center, for their timely awards of $2,400 each.
Together, these individuals and organizations contributed over $25,000, which
allowed us to reduce fees by 25% to 50% and to give over 30 full scholarships
to persons with disability and their family members.