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More College Cited For Discrimination In 1993
USA TODAY, Tuesday June 28, 1994, p.8D

"The Education Department charged more than 100 colleges
with discriminatory acts against the disabled, women and racial
minorities last year.
The department's Office for Civil Rights, responding to a
Freedom of Information Act request by the Chronicle of Higher
Education, released 325 documents that show:
86 colleges violated the rights of students or employees
with disabilities in 1993, compared with 46 in 1992. 23 colleges
had facilities inaccessible to physically disabled people,
including Drew and Southern Connecticut State universities, and
the universities of Arizona and New Hampshire.
Assistant Education Secretary Norma Cantu attributes the
increase in charges to the aggressive work of a 'dedicated staff
who are accurately and appropriately applying clear legal
standards.' In most cases, she says, the colleges agreed to take
steps to comply with the law with necessarily admitting guilt.
'We prefer reaching resolution of complaints. Where we were not
able to reach voluntary settlement, our staff were competent and
firm in making findings of violations,' she says.
The Chronicle says the nature of the violations varies
widely from campus to campus. Some are largely to technocal, such
as the University of Maryland at College Park's failure to
publicize to students the names of officials responsible for
handling bias complaints. Elsewhere, substantive violations were
For example, 18 colleges refused to provide extra time for
tests, hire sign language interpreters or make other academic
adjustments for disabled students. These schools included Oregon
State University and the University of New Mexico.
Johns Hopkins, Georgia State University and 12 other
colleges asked improper questions about disabilities on admission
or employment forms."

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