CODI: Cornucopia of Disability Information

Rights of People with Disabilities:

RIGHTS OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES Revised Summer 1990 The Committee on Legal Issues Affecting People with Disabilities Mark H. Leeds, Chair Editor Margery E. Ames Hon. Edward R. Korman Mark Barnes Neall. Korval David J. H. Billington John McChord Yvette Bravo-Weber Steven Mendelsohn Teresa Curtin Ellen M. Saideman Anne M. Davis Stephen L. Solomon Evan A. Davis Jane G. Stevens Robert Scott Ellis Peter Van Nuys Hon. Jeffrey H. Gallet Terri Weiss Linda G. Howard James Weisman Roberta G. Koenigsberg Ann L. Wilson Most Committee members have participated in the review of the material contained in this volume. However, the special contributions of some should be noted. Ellen M. Saideman is substantially responsible for the chapter on Education; Roberta G. Koenigsberg contributed most of the material concerning Pre-School Education. Neal 1. Korval contributed significantly to the chapter on Employment, as did his associate, Jonathan A. Wexler. Ann L. Wilson is sub- stantially responsible for the material on Attorney's Fees. James Weisman and his associate, Kleo J. King, contributed material in the area of Public Accommodations. Overall editorial assistance was rendered by Janet Eriv (the Editor's Assistant Counsel at the New York City Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities), by Ellen M. Saideman, and by David J. H. Billington. Mark H. Leeds Chair and Editor The Association of the Bar of the City of New York 42 West 44th Street New York, New York 10036-6690 Published in Collaboration with The National Register 666 Fifth Avenue -- 37th Floor New York, New York 10103 (212) 541-3886 Copyright 1990 by The Association of the Bar of the City of New York and The National Register. All rights reserved by the copyright owners. THE JM FOUNDATION The Association of the Bar of the City of New York is grateful to The JM Foundation for the generous grant which has financed the production of this 1990 edition and its distribution by The Association.
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