CODI: Cornucopia of Disability Information

Cornucopia of Disability Information

Appendix A - CANAR/Section 130 Descriptive Questions

The monograph questions that follow are meant to provide descriptive research information to key stakeholders and decision makers about the unique diversity of rehabilitation projects on the reserva- tions across America. The questions are divided into two sections. Section One is descriptive infor- mation about the people, history, and geography. Section Two is more qualitative information about the project and services at the project.

Section One

1. Describe the reservation in terms of geography, people, language, and government. (Please respond with at least one paragraph about each of the four elements identified.)

2. Describe the major health issues addressed by the rehabilitation and medical services on the reservation.

3. Describe the employment/economy, education system and the cultural kinship systems in place.


4. How is rehabilitation viewed by the community, culture, consumers, family and social structure?

5. How is rehabilitation different today from the practices five years ago? Twenty years ago?

6. What makes rehabilitation unique or exemplary on your reservation?

7. What are the characteristics of persons with dis- abilities on your reservation?

8. What do you see as the needs and wants of indi- viduals with disabilities on the reservations? What are the immediate concerns of persons with disabil- ities on your reservation?

9. What is the future of rehabilitation on your reservation and, from your perspective, for the Native American Nations?

10. What role does technology play in the lives of individuals with disabilities on your reservation?

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