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Cornucopia of Disability Information


Too frequently we forget the eloquent call of philisophers who remind us of the worth of life unexamined. It is important in our business to embrace the evolutions and continuous improvement that emerge from our diversity in rehabilitation. Such appreciation is the impetus for this document. The goal is to describe the status of rehabilitation on the Indian reservation from the perspective of the provider of direct service.

This monograph was devloped with imput from a number of organizations and institutions committed to vocational rehabilitation of persons with disabilities who reside on American Indian reservations. The collaborating groups are The Consortia or Administrators for Native American Rehabilitation, The National Consortia or Regional Rehabilition Continuing Education Programs, and the Rehabilitation Services Administration.

The intent of the monograph is to provide insight to the various nuances or rehabilitation for persons with disabilities as implemented on Native American Reservations. Few opportunities are afforded the Native American rehabilitation project personnal to share their own perspectives regarding the range, extent and qualityor their rehabilitation practices. The hope is that as individuals, other Native American tribes, and communities review the monograph, they will consider implementing similar projects to posatively affect the lives of persons with disabilities who reside on reservations.

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