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Service Centers for Augmentative Communication and Computer Access

     Service Centers for Augmentative Communication and Computer Access
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This list includes basic information on clinical programs that provide
services in the areas of computer access for disabled persons and
augmentative communication for non-vocal persons. The list is organized by
state. Contact particular centers to determine if their services will suit
your needs. No recommendations or endorsements are implied by inclusion on
this list.


     Augmentative Communication Service
     2430 11th Ave. North
     Birmingham, AL  35234

A full time diagnostic agency specializing in augmentative communication.


     Upward Foundation
     Kathy Sullivan-Orton: Program Director
     6306 North Seventh Street
     Phoenix, AZ  85014

Rehabilitation and educational center for children with disabilities.
Evaluations done on children with special needs; including augmentative

     Arizona Training Program
     Auxiliary Communication Assessment
     3727 East McDowall Road
     Phoenix, AZ  85008

Accepts referrals and students within Maricopa county schools - especially
those with cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities.  Services provided
in the field of augmentative communication.

     Children's Achievement Center for Developmental Delays
     3825 East Second Street
     Tucson, AZ  85716

This center is primarily for preschool aged children with neuromuscular and
developmental delays.  Based on the child's needs an individual program is
devised in the areas of physical and occupational therapy, speech and
language, and special education.


     Technical Resource and Activity Center of Stockton
     510 Magnolia St.
     Stockton, CA  95202
     209/948-3971 or 209/948-3805 or 209/948-7707

Provides assistive technology services to appropriately referred individuals
who are served by the regional centers.

     The Bridge School
     545 Eucalyptus Avenue
     Hillsborough, CA 94010

The Bridge School is a non-public school serving the needs of physically
challenged, severely speech impaired children who require augmentative
communication and adaptive technology.  Integrated curriculum serving
children 4-7, and 7-15.

     Center for Applied Rehabilitation Technology
     Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center
     7601 East Imperial Highway
     Downey, CA  90242

Evaluation, recommendation, and training in the areas of communication
enhancement, computer access, environmental control units, and seating and
mobility.  Provides a team approach to assessing one or multiple technology
needs.  Persons of any age and with any physical disability are served.

     Assistive Device Center
     California State University-Sacramento
     650 University Ave., Suite 101B
     Sacramento, CA  95825

A variety of assistive technology services, including augmentative
communication.  Services include evaluation, fitting of equipment and
training.  All ages are served by this center.

     Speech, Hearing, & Neurosensory Center
     Speech-Language Pathology Department
     Children's Hospital & Health Center
     8001 Frost Street
     San Diego, CA  92123

Speech evaluation for all disorders, oral rehabilitation, and augmentative

Communication/Control Service

     Rehabilitation Engineering Center
     Children's Hospital at Stanford
     725 Welch Road
     Palo Alto, CA  94304
     415/497-8199 or 415/497-8195

Provides equipment and associated services for people with physical
disabilities and/or speech impairments.

     UCLA Intervention Program
     23-10 Rehabilitation Center
     1000 Veteran Avenue
     Los Angeles, CA  90024

This program works with young children (18 mo. - 5 yrs.) who have either
physical or mental disabilities.  A team of specialists work in all
rehabilitation areas including computer instruction.

     Non-Speech Communication Program
     Glendale Adventist Medical Center
     1509 Wilson Terrace
     Glendale, CA  91025

Services include evaluation, and custom fitting of equipment.  All ages are
served by this clinic.

     Non-Oral Communication Center
     9675 Warner Avenue
     Fountain Valley, CA  92708

Non speaking, physically handicapped children are assessed by an
interdisciplinary team to determine their language skills, learning style and
motor abilities.

     Non-Verbal Assessment Program
     Los Angeles Unified School District
     c/o Widney High School
     2302 South Gramercy Place
     Los Angeles, CA  90018

This program serves individuals aged 3 - 21 yrs.  A full team of specialists
perform evaluations, and fitting and training for equipment.

     Rancho Los Amigos Hospital
     Communication Disorders Department
     7601 East Imperial Highway
     Downey, CA  90242

This department gives evaluations and involves itself with audiology and
speech/language therapy.  A program called Transition in Living is also
offered to ease the shock of clients who underwent therapy.

     White Memorial Medical Center
     1720 Brooklyn Avenue
     Los Angeles, CA  90033-2481
     213/268-5000 ext. 1692

Offers diagnostics for speech/language therapy.

     SDSU Assistive Device Assessment Program
     Clinical Training Center
     College of Human Services
     San Diego State University
     San Diego, CA  92182

This organization runs tests and makes referrals covering all the bases on
physical/mental disabilities and development.

     Augmentative Communication and Technology Services (A.C.T.S.)
     350 Santa Ana Ave.
     San Francisco, CA  94127
     415/992-7039 or 415/342-7317

A community-based service delivery model, providing assessment and
intervention to children in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Also provides
training to families, staff and assists school districts in meeting the needs
of students using augmentative communication.


     Communication Enhancement Center
     Boulder Memorial Hospital
     311 Mapleton
     Boulder, CO  80302

This medical center accepts inpatients and outpatients; deals with
disabilities caused through physical injury (i.e. head trauma, stroke, and
spinal cord injury).

     Fitzsimmons Army Hospital
     c/o Speech/Audiology Department
     East Colfax Avenue
     Aurora, CO  80045-5001

Provides diagnostic services to all ages.  Services include rehabilitation

     Poudre Valley Hospital
     1024 Lemay Avenue
     Fort Collins, CO  80524

Provides diagnostic services to all ages.


     Adaptive Equipment Center
     Newington Children's Hospital
     181 East Cedar Street
     Newington, CT  06111

Available for on-site evaluations.  Augmentative communication catering
mainly to adults.  A department specializing in seating and positioning
interfaced with adaptive equipment is also offered.

     Special Needs Center
     130 Hunting Street
     Bridgeport, CT  06606

Special needs center giving on-site evaluations.  An under 3 day program and
an adult day program are available.


     Delaware Learning Resource System
     Center for Technology
     O12 Hall Education Building
     Newark, DE  19716

Provides centralized housing and inservice training of
diagnostic/prescriptive assistive devices that can be used on site or
requested by outlying areas for short term loan.  Provides a lending library
for hardware and a software preview center.


     Florida Diagnostic Learning Resources Services (FDLRS)
     5555 SW 93rd Ave.
     Miami, FL  33165

Offers diagnostics for computer compatibility for people with disabilities,
inservice training, computer information resources, as well as software and
hardware evaluation.  Those individuals who live in the southern or eastern
portion of the state can inquire about FDLRS/South or FDLRS/EAST.

     Communication Systems Evaluation Center
     434 Tampa Avenue
     Orlando, FL  32805
     407/849-3504 or 800/328-3678

State wide center serving students ages 3 - 21 with augmentative
communication services.


     United Cerebral Palsy of Idaho, Inc.
     Augmentative Communication Assessment Center
     Boise, ID  83706

Augmentative communication evaluations for any age client with any physical
disability.  Also operates a loaning library of developmental toys adapted
toys, switches, computer peripherals, commmunication devices, books and


     Assistive Technology Unit
     University Affiliated Program
     University of Illinois at Chicago (M/C 627)
     1640 W. Roosevelt Rd, Room 412
     Chicago, IL 60608-1396
     312/413-1555; TDD:312/413-0453

Provides evaluation and fabrication services in home, school, office and
manufaturing settings.  Services provided in seating, positioning, mobility;
environmental control; computer access; and augmentative communication.

     Du Page Easter Seal Rosalie Dold Center for Children
     830 S. Addison Ave.
     Villa Park, IL  60181

The center specializes in the use of personal computers in therapy with
children ages 0 - 3.

     Alan J. Brown Center of Alternative Communication & Environmental Control
     Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
     345 East Superior Street, Room 980
     Chicago, IL  60611

Center for augmentative communication, offering evaluation and training.

     Center for Non-Speech Communication
     Gottfreid Speech Association
     1535 Lake Cook Road, Suite 100
     Northbrook, IL  60062

Evaluations given; twelve speech/language pathologists on staff.  Specialize
in various areas including communication aids for non-vocal persons.

     State of Illinois Mental Health and Developmental Center, 
        Rehabilitation Services
     c/o Speech/Hearing Dept.
     1000 North Main Street
     Anna, IL  62906

Inpatient services only.  Screening, evaluations, speech/language therapy,
and audiology services.

     Center for Communication Disorders Ltd.
     18141 Dixie Highway
     Homewood, IL  60430

Evaluations, involvement in assessment, and work with electronic
communication aids are part of this center's speech-language pathology


     Rehabilitation Technology Center
     615 North Michigan St.
     South Bend, IN  46601

This center works with seating and positioning, augmentative communication,
environmental modifications, and computer access. At job/home evaluations
given.  It also offers ADA consultation.

     Rehabilitation Technology Center
     6862 Hillsdale Court
     Indianapolis, IN  46240

Provides services in: augmentative communication, seating and positioning,
mobility, environmental control, computer access, and home and job site
modification.  Also provides ADA consultation.

     Fort Wayne State Hospital & Training Center
     Speech and Hearing Department
     4900 St. Joe Road
     Ft. Wayne, IN  46835
     219/485-7554, ext. 647

This department deals with augmentative communication.

     Porter County Special Education Coop.
     750 Ransom Road
     Valparaiso, IN  46383

Provides diagnostic evaluations for students in the area of speech and
language, including augmentative communication.


     The Capper Foundation
     T.M. Murrell Assistive Technology Center
     3500 S.W. 10th Avenue
     Topeka, KS  66604-1995

Provides resource, evaluation, consultation and training services in a number
of areas including augmentative communication, computer access, positioning,
environmental control, educational technology, recreation and leisure,
vocational assistance, and adaptive engineering.  Also capable of loaning

     Interdisciplinary Technology Center
     2008 Hinch Hall
     The University of Kansas Medical Center
     39th and Rainbow
     Kansas City, KS  66103

Provides a variety of services within augmentative communication, including
evaluations and consultations.

     Augmentative Communication Program
     Institute of Logopedics
     2400 Jardine Drive
     Wichita, KS  67219

Evaluation and assessment; program includes communication aids.


     Redwood School and Rehabilitation Center
     71 Orphanage Road
     Fort Mitchell, KY  41017

A diagnostic center serving people with multiple disabilities.  Serves
preschool through adult.


     LSU Medical Center
     Louisiana State University
     Dept. of Communicative Disorders
     New Orleans, LA  70112
     504/568-4337 or 504/568-4348

Clinical assessment, evaluations, and therapy are provided in audiology,
speech/language services, and augmentative communication.

     LSU-MC  Children's Center
     Louisiana State University Medical Center
     3730 Blair Ave.
     Shreveport, LA  71103

Provides augmentative communication services, including evaluation,
consultation, and training.


     United Cerebral Palsy of Central Maryland
     Non-Vocal Communication
     Delrey Preschool
     18 Delrey Avenue
     Catonsville, MD  21228

Evaluations for augmentative communication.

     Maryland Rehabilitation Center
     2301 Argonne Drive
     Baltimore, MD  21218

Comprehensive vocational rehabilitation center for the deaf and non-vocal;
computer access.  Center for technology for human disabilities.

     Kennedy Institute
     707 North Broadway
     Baltimore, MD  21205

Providing assistive technology, diagnostic services, and treatment to ages
0-21 yrs.  Also offers dissemination of information.


     Synergy-Adaptive Technology Services
     66 Hale Road
     East Walpole, MA  02032

Clinical assessment and evaluation for adaptive equipment.  Also offers
customization of equipment and training in its use.

     Franciscan Children's Hospital and Rehabilitation Center
     30 Warren Street
     Brighton, MA  02135

Utilizes and provides instruction in the use of computer-based technology to
enhance learning, leisure, communication, prevocational skill development,
independent living, and environmental control.

     Communication Enhancement Center
     Children's Hospital
     300 Longwood Avenue
     Boston, MA  02115

Evaluations for augmentative communication and writing sytems.  Clients
include non-vocal people and those with physical disabilities.

     Massachusetts Hospital School
     Robert Brockman
     Adaptive Design
     3 Randolf Street
     Canton, MA  02021

Provide augmentative communication and other adaptive device services to the
Hospital School and to other schools in the area.

     Non-Speech Communication Program
     Speech and Hearing Department
     Fernald State School
     Box 9108
     Belmont, MA  02178

Coordinated program offering strictly in-house services, including
evaluations.  No evaluations given for outside populations, but consultation
and orientational information is provided.

     New England Medical Center, Inc.
     Special Equipment Clinic
     Box 387
     Boston, MA  02111

Twice monthly this center offers day-long evaluations by a team of
specialists in various areas of rehabilitation, including communication,
mobility, and seating.


     Assistive Technology Resource Center
     Riley Center
     9601 Vine
     Allen Park, MI  48101
     313/928-0841 or 313/928-0408

This center provides a variety of services in augmentative and alternative
communication to the school districts

     Communication Enhancement Center
     Oakland Schools
     2100 Pontiac Lake Road
     Waterford, MI  48054

Augmentative/alternative communication services, including evaluations.
Demonstration center for technology and materials.

     Mott Children's Health Center
     Helene Woody
     806 Tauri Place
     Flint, MI  48503

Speech therapy and evaluations for school aged children.


     Gillette Children's Hospital
     200 East University Avenue
     St. Paul, Minnesota  55101

The ACCESS program provides evaluations and recommendations for augmentative
devices.  It also offers adaptations to seating and communication equipment
as well as trial use of communication devices.

     United Cerebral Palsy of Minnesota, Inc.
     1821 University Avenue, Suite 223
     St. Paul, MN  55104

No evaluations, but operates a 12 week loan bank of communication equipment
for professionals in the area to allow assessment of the appropriateness of a
device for a client.

     Rum River Special Education Cooperative
     430 N.W. Eighth Avenue
     Cambridge, MN  55008

Eight-member school district provides services/consultants for disabled
students within three counties.  Includes augmentative communication

     Courage Center
     3915 Golden Valley Road
     Golden Valley, MN  55422

Variety of rehabilitation programs for children and adults, including
computer access, augmentative communication, speech/language therapy,and
occupational and physical therapy.  Physiatry services are also available
Evaluations given.


     The Augmentative Communication Evaluation (ACE) Program
     The Children's Mercy Hospital
     Twenty-fourth at Gillham Road
     Kansas City, MO  64108

Offers clinical assessment and evaluation for augmentative communication to
patients whose speech is temporarily or permanently inadequate to meet their
communication needs.

     SSM Outpatient Rehab Center
     350 Village Square Drive
     Hazelwood, MO  63042
     314/731-4555 or 800/258-8988 for MO and IL

Provides an augmentative communication clinic for both children and adults
who have difficulty verbally communicating.

     Adaptive Computer and Communication Technology Program (ACCT)
     The Rehabilitation Institute
     3011 Baltimore
     Kansas City, MO  64108

Services include, but are not limited to: interdisciplinary team evaluations,
technology training, assistance in locating funding, comprehensive reports
and information services regarding adaptive equipment.

     Jewish Hospital
     Occupational Therapy Department
     216 S. Kings Highway
     St. Louis, MO  63110

Using microcomputer technology, the Jewish Hospital offers complete
assessment and treatment for disabled people.  Teaches microcomputer use as a
tool for rehabilitation of cognitive and perceptual problems and spinal cord


     Human Development Center
     University of Montana
     634 Eddy Avenue
     Missoula, MT 59812

Offers services to any Montanan who is communicatively impaired and who may
benefit from augmentative communication evaluation and equipment.  Services
include augmentative communication assessment, a device lending service and
second opinion evaluation for school districts.


     Meyer Rehabilitation Institute
     Hattie B. Munroe Augmentative Communication Center
     University of Nebraska Medical Center
     600 South 42nd St.
     Omaha, NE  68198-5450

Provides services relating to augmentative communication, speech and computer

     Barkley Speech-Language and Hearing Clinic
     253 Barkley Memorial Center
     University of Nebraska-Lincoln
     Lincoln, NE  68583

Evaluations for augmentative communication; speech/language therapy.
Emphasis on academic and psychological concerns.  The center mainly accepts
local referrals.

New Hampshire

     Communication Disorders Program
     Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center
     1 Verney Drive
     Greenfield, NH  03047

Offers services in augmentative communication.  Individuals 18-44 with brain
injury are served through the Adult Head Injury Program; Children/young
adults (ages 6-22) through the Crotched mountain Preparatory School and
Rehabilitation Center.

New Jersey

     Communication Resource Center
     Daly H. Enstrom, PhD.
     Manager, Related Services
     Office of Education
     Department of Human Services
     10 Quakerbridge Plaza
     CN 700
     Trenton, NJ  08625

This center provides clinical assessment and evaluation for augmentative
devices.  It also has the ability to loan devices for trial periods.

     Cerebral Palsy Association of Middlesex County
     Oak Drive, Roosevelt Park
     Edison, NJ  08837

Comprehensive program that operates a private school, adult programs and an
infant program.  It also offers augmentative communication and seating

     Augmentative Communication Services
     Children's Specialized Hospital
     150 New Providence Road
     Mountainside, NJ  07092-2590
     201/233-3720  ext.339

Operates as a component of the Rehabilitation Technology Department.  It
offers team evaluations to children and adults needing AAC services.
Services are available on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

New Mexico

     NMSU Speech and Hearing Center
     New Mexico State University
     Las Cruces, NM  88003
     505/646-2402 or 505/646-4313

Speech and hearing center.  Performs evaluations for augmentative
communication devices.

New York

     The Gibraltar A.C.C.
     Assistive Communication Center
     UCPA of WNY, INC
     4635 Union Road
     Buffalo, NY  14225

This center offers services to non-speaking children and adults; including
assessment, training, and follow-up.  It also acts as a referral to other
sources of assistance.

     SUNY-Buffalo Department of Occupational Therapy
     515 Stockton Kimball Tower
     State University of New York-Buffalo
     Buffalo, NY  14214

Provides services to people with physical and cognitive disabilities to
enable them to return to work.  Includes assessments for computer adaptation.

     Assistive Technology Dept.
     1603 Court Street
     Syracuse, NY  13208

Evaluations for augmentative communication and computer access.

     Non-Vocal Communication Group of Greater New York
     Queen's College
     65-30 Kissena Boulevard
     Flushing, NY  11367

Evaluations for augmentative communication, speech/language
therapy,audiology, computer access, and treatment for ALS patients.

North Carolina 

     Clinical Center for the Study of Development and Learning
     University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
     Biological Science Center
     CB# 7255
     Chapel Hill, NC  27599

This center actively participates in training, clinical programs, research
and community services that involve augmentative communication and adaptive


     Good Samaritan Hospital
     1015 N.W. 22nd Avenue
     Portland, OR  97210

Many diagnostic programs offered.  Evaluations and computer access.


     Pennsylvania Assistive Device Center
     6340 Flank Drive, Suite 600
     Harrisburg, PA 17112
     (800)360-7282 (PA only)

Providing information and services for people with physical disabilities.
This assistive device center offers equipment for computer access and
augmentative communication for students ages 3-21 yrs., in Pennsylvania.

South Dakota

     Crippled Children's Hospital and School
     2501 West 26th Street
     Sioux Falls, SD  57105

Serving ages 0-21 yrs., the program offers diagnostic evaluations and
services, including augmentative communication.  Services are offered as
either residential or outpatient/outreach treatment.


     University of Tennessee Rehabilitation Engineering Center
     682 Court Avenue
     Memphis, TN  38163

Seating and communication aids for people with disabilities.


     Callier Center for Communication Disorders
     1966 Inwood Road
     Dallas, TX  75235-7798

Evaluation and therapy for people with speech and language problems.  Will
perform evaluations for augmentative communication devices.

     Community Based Services
     Education Service Center, Region 20
     1314 Hines 
     San Antonio, TX  78208

Provide services to school districts on media, data processing, special
education and augmentative communication.

     The Freedom Center
     2219 Babcock Road
     San Antonio, TX  78229
     (512) 614-7138, 614-1910

Augmentative communication evaluations and training, plus training in other
areas such as mobility, self-care, work and leisure.


     Children's  Hospital and Medical Center
     Speech and Language Services
     4800 Sand Point Way NE
     Seattle, WA  98105

Supplies services relating to augmentative communication for children
adolescents Mailing address is P.O. Box C5371, Seattle WA 98105.

     Assistive Technology Clinic
     Health Sciences Building RJ-30
     University of Washington Medical Center  98195
     206/543-3674 or 206/534-3134

This clinic offers sevices to adults, including: evaluations, prescriptions
for wheelchair seating, mobility and augmentative communication .

Wasington D.C.

     National Rehabilitation Hospital
     102 Irving St., NW
     Washington, DC  20010-2949

Offers evaluations and treatment to adults with brain injury, stroke,
geriatric-related conditions and other neurologic conditions.Services are
provided on either an inpatient and outpatient basis.


     West Central Wisconsin Consortium for Enabling Technology
     Sacred Heart Hospital
     900 W. Clairmont Ave.
     Eau Claire, WI  54701

Provides services in augmentative communication.

     Cerebral Palsy, Inc.
     2801 South Webster Avenue
     Green Bay, WI  54301

Offers diagnostic assessment in: toys and switches, introductory
communication aides, access to adaptive computers and switch interface.
Alternative and augmentative communication evaluation and training for all
ages and disabilities.  Training, education and techincal support for
families and related professionals.

     Augmentative Alternative Communication Clinic
     Dept. of Communication Disorders
     UW-Eau Claire
     Eau Claire, WI  54702-4004
     715/836-4186 or 715/836-3980

Clinical assessment and evaluation of individuals with limited ability to
speak, write, keyboard, or dial.

     Independent Living Program
     Curative Rehabilitation Center
     2900 Curry Lane
     P.O. Box 8027
     Green Bay, WI  54308

Provides services relating to the fitting and positioning of computer access
devices to individuals sixteen years of age or older.

     Communication Aids and Systems Clinic
     S-121 Waisman Center
     1500 Highland Avenue
     Madison, WI  53705

Clinical assessment and evaluations for all ages of individuals needing
communication systems, computers or writing systems.

     Trace Center Communication Development Program
     S-157 Waisman Center
     1500 Highland Avenue
     Madison, WI  53705

Provides community based services in augmentative communication for
preschool- aged and adult individuals living in Dane county, Wis..

     Curative Rehabilitation Center
     1000 North 92nd Street
     Wauwatosa, WI  53226

Offers equipment loaning and diagnostic assessment in a variety of areas,
including augmentative communication.


     Technical Resource Center
     200, 1201 - 5th Street SW
     Calgary, AB  T2R 0Y6

Provides information and one-month loan of devices in the areas of adaptive
toys, communication aids, daily living aids, environmental control,
microcomputers and adaptive computer equipment.  It offers assessment and

     Sunny Hill Hospital for Children
     3644 Slocan Street
     Vancouver, BC  V5M 3E8

A provincial resource center for children with disabilities, ages 0 to 19
years. Augmentative communication and computer access evaluation and
consultation services are provided when appropriate, as a component of a
multidisciplinary assessment through the Neuromotor Program.

     Bloorview Children's Hospital
     25 Buchan Court
     Willowdale, ON  M2J 4S9

A residential care facility for children and young adults with multiple
disabilities.  On site clinic for evaluation and prescription of augmentative
devices, as well as addressing issues of computer access.

     The Hugh MacMillan Rehabilitation Centre
     350 Rumsey Road
     Toronto, ON  M4G 1R8

Special programs of the Rehabilitation Center include assessment for
augmentative communication devices.  Also operate a microcomputer training
program for people with physical disabilities.

     The Kinsman Rehabilitation Foundation of British Columbia
     Technical Aids Program
     2256 West 12th Avenue
     Vancouver, BC  V6K 2N5

Rehabilitation center with many programs for people with physical
disabilities.  Evaluation and resource center.

     Gorge Road Hospital
     63 Gorge Road East
     Victoria, BC  V9A 1L2

Adult extended care and rehabilitation hospital.  Offers speech/language
therapy and occupational therapy to disabled adults.  Also provides
assessment and training for computer access, environmental controls and some
augmentative communication.