CODI: Cornucopia of Disability Information

Subpart G -- Over-the-Road Buses and Systems

Subpart G -- Over-the-Road Buses and Systems

Section 1192.151 General.
      (a) New, used and remanufactured over-the-road buses, to be considered
accessible by regulations issued by the Department of Transportation in 49 CFR
part 37, shall comply with this subpart.

      (b) Over-the-road buses covered by 49 CFR 37.7(c) shall comply with
Section 1192.23 and this subpart.

Section 1192.153 Doors, steps and thresholds.
      (a) Floor surfaces on aisles, step treads and areas where wheelchair and
mobility aid users are to be accommodated shall be slip-resistant.

      (b) All step edges shall have a band of color(s) running the full width
of the step which contrasts from the step tread and riser, either
dark-on-light or light-on-dark.

      (c) To the maximum extent practicable, doors shall have a minimum clear
width when open of 30 inches, but in no case less than 27 inches.

Section 1192.155 Interior circulation, handrails and stanchions.
      (a) Handrails and stanchions shall be provided in the entrance to the
vehicle in a configuration which allows passengers to grasp such assists from
outside the vehicle while starting to board, and to continue using such
handrails or stanchions throughout the boarding process. Handrails shall have
a cross-sectional diameter between 1-1/4 inches and 1-1/2 inches or shall
provide an equivalent grasping surface, and have eased edges with corner radii
of not less than 1/8 inch. Handrails shall be placed to provide a minimum
1-1/2 inches knuckle clearance from the nearest adjacent surface. Where
on-board fare collection devices are used, a horizontal passenger assist shall
be located between boarding passengers and the fare collection device and
shall prevent passengers from sustaining injuries on the fare collection
device or windshield in the event of a sudden deceleration.  Without
restricting the vestibule space, the assist shall provide support for a
boarding passenger from the door through the boarding procedure. Passengers
shall be able to lean against the assist for security while paying fares.

      (b) Where provided within passenger compartments, handrails or
stanchions shall be sufficient to permit safe on-board circulation, seating
and standing assistance, and alighting by persons with disabilities.

Section 1192.157 Lighting.
      (a) Any stepwell or doorway immediately adjacent to the driver shall
have, when the door is open, at least 2 foot-candles of illumination measured
on the step tread.

      (b) The vehicle doorway shall have outside light(s) which, when the door
is open, provide at least 1 foot-candle of illumination on the street surface
for a distance of 3 feet perpendicular to all points on the bottom step tread
outer edge. Such light(s) shall be located below window level and shielded to
protect the eyes of entering and exiting passengers.

Section 1192.159 Mobility aid accessibility.  [Reserved]