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How To Make Sure That Your Commercial Property Is In Compliance With ADA Standards

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How To Make Sure That Your Commercial Property Is In Compliance With ADA Standards

The federal government mandates that all commercial properties be ADA compliant. As you expand or develop your new commercial property, you can ensure that your shopping center management is in line with ADA standards by keeping these important requirements in mind.

Entrances and Exits

The entrances and exits to your commercial properties should be easy for disabled individuals to use and readily accessible to any mobility aides they may use. You can stay in compliance with ADA standards by installing sliding glass doors or by installing automated push buttons that open and close the doors for them.

Likewise, Retail Solutions Advisors will tell you that the doorways should be wide enough to accommodate motorized scooters and wheelchairs. You are required to remove any barriers that could prevent easy entrance and exit from your building, such rubber door jambs or concrete blocks. ADA compliance also requires that you provide a exterior ramp leading up to the doors to your building.


Many disabled individuals retain their ability to drive. You are required by ADA law to provide handicap parking for these customers. Your handicap parking should feature wide enough parking stalls so that disabled patrons can easily exit their vehicles without impeding other motorists in the parking lot.

You also are required to install a ramp in front of or near the handicap parking so that these patrons can gain access to your building. The parking stalls for handicapped customers should be clearly marked with signage.


If your building will have more than one story, you are required to install an elevator for ADA compliance. Disabled customers who cannot walk up a set of steps or use an escalator must have access to every level of your building. Your elevator must be routinely inspected by city officials to ensure that it remains in safe working order.

These requirements are but a few that will help your building meet ADA standards. Adding these features to your commercial space will help you avoid incurring fines and penalties.

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