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Computer Resource List

                     Computer Resource List
Updated October 1995


BRAILLE NOTE TAKERS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  1

HAND-HELD NOTE TAKERS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  2

BRAILLE PRINTERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  3

REFRESHABLE BRAILLE DISPLAYS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  6

BRAILLE TRANSLATORS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7
Hardware  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7
Software: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7

TDD's FOR THE DEAF-BLIND . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    8

VOICE ACTIVATED. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    9

REFERENCE MATERIALS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    9

SCANNERS AND READING MACHINES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   12

SCANNING SERVICES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   13

DOS SOFTWARE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   14

MISCELLANEOUS SOFTWARE AND DEVICES . . . . . . . . . . . . .   16

GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   16

VOICE SYNTHESIZERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   18

COMPANIES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   21

                      COMPUTER RESOURCE LIST


     Note: All addresses and telephone numbers can be found at
the end of this document in an alphabetical list.  This list is
updated approximately twice a year and prices are subject to
change without notice. They are provided only as a guideline. For
up-to-date information call the International Braille and
Technology Center for the Blind at (410) 659-9314 or use your
modem to call NFB NET, our computer bulletin board service, at
(410) 752-5011.



     Braille Lite: This is a small, battery-operated note taker
with a built-in 18-cell refreshable Braille display, Braille
keyboard and speech. It is a Braille 'n Speak 640 with a
refreshable Braille display (see below for Braille 'n Speak 640
description). Blazie Engineering. Price: $3,395.

     BrailleMate 2 and 2 Plus 2: A pocket computer which can be
used as a note taker, calculator, clock, etc. It can communicate
with other computers and can store many Braille pages in its
internal user memory. Comes in 2 and 4 megabyte models.
TeleSensory. Price: $995.

     Braille 'n Speak: Small battery-operated computer with
Braille keyboard which can be used as a note taker or speech
synthesizer. Also includes calculator, calendar, stopwatch, etc.
The newest model, the Braille 'n Speak 640 contains additional
memory, functions, and the ability to run auxiliary programs such
as a spelling checker, checkbook program, and scientific
calculator. Blazie Engineering. Price: $994 to $1,299; disk drive

     David: This is a full 386 notebook computer with a Braille
keyboard, 40-cell Braille display and built-in speech. It will
run  standard MS-DOS programs. Telesensory. Price: $15,000 (special
pricing may be available.)

     Eureka A4: Portable note taker with a number of other
functions including database and music composer. Auxiliary
devices are also available including hand scanner and voltmeter.
Includes built-in speech, disk drive and modem, and Braille
keyboard. Integrated Assistive Technologies. Price: $2,595 to

     Mountbatten Brailler: This device can be used as a note
taker, Braille printer, electronic Braille writer, or as a
"Braille typewriter"--accepting characters from a standard QWERTY
keyboard. There are optional forward and reverse translators, and
the unit can be powered by a battery or by AC. HumanWare, Inc.
Price: $2,495 to $3,250, depending on options.

     Notex 25 and 40: Portable Braille note-taking device and
computer access system. Adaptec. Price: $5,995 to $6,995.

     Notex 486: A 486 computer with built-in 40-cell Braille
display and Braille keyboard. This machine will run MS-DOS
programs. ATR/J. Wood and Associates. Price: $11,995.



     Keynote Companion: Small, hand-held personal organizer that
includes word processor, spell checker, diary/calendar,
calculator, address list manager, and terminal software.
HumanWare, Inc. Price: $1,995.

     Myna: Small, 1 pound 3 ounce, hand-held 386 computer which
includes built-in DEC-Talk speech synthesizer, IBM Screen Reader
for DOS, Microsoft Works, IBM Book Manager, 4 megabytes of memory
and two PCMCIA Type II slots. Other screen review programs such
as WordPerfect, DBase, and Lotus 1-2-3 are also available. Will
offer  auxiliary 20- or 40-cell refreshable Braille displays in the near
future. Technology For Independence. Price: $2,295.

     Type 'n Speak: This device is the same as the Braille 'n
Speak 640 except that it has a regular computer-style keyboard
instead of a Braille keyboard. Blazie Engineering. Price: $1,399.


     Braille Blazer: Small 15 CPS Braille printer with speech
output. Blazie Engineering. Price: $1,695.

     Braille Bookmaker: Fifty-pound 80 CPS interpoint Braille
printer available from Enabling Technologies Company. Price

     Braille Express: This is a 150 CPS interpoint Braille
printer, similar in design to the Braille Bookmaker. Enabling
Technologies. Price: $14,995.

     Braille-n-Print: Back-translator translates Braille back
into ASCII code and transmits to ink printer. Allows multiple
copies of Braille and print. Requires a Perkins Braille Writer.
HumanWare, Inc. Price: $995.

     Braillo: Single-sided and Interpoint Braille embossers
designed for large volume use. Different models available
including the Braillo Comet, Braillo 200, Braillo 400S, and the
Braillo 400SR with printing speeds of 75, 200, 400, and 400 CPS
respectively. The Comet is single-sided and the 400SR prints on a
continuous roll of paper. The other two models are interpoint
embossers. Manufactured by Braillo, NORWAY. Distributed by the
American Thermoform Corporation. Prices: Comet--$3,795; 200--
$37,995; 400S--$77,995; and Braillo 400SR--$97,000.

     Elekul-03: Single-sided 300 CPS embosser that prints on a
continuous roll of paper and cuts it off as it goes. Elbicon.
Price: $42,000 (approximate).

     Elekul-55: Interpoint, high-speed embosser, rated at 800 CPS
that prints on a continuous roll of paper. It can also print
sideways in a magazine style with double pages. Elbicon. Price:
$75,000 (approximate).

     Everest-D: Made by Index AB of Sweden, this is a 100 CPS
interpoint embosser that prints on single sheets of paper.
American Thermoform Corp. or ATR/J. Wood and Associates. Price:
Prices may vary.

     Express 100: Interpoint, 100 CPS embosser similar to the
Book Maker, only faster. Enabling Technologies Company. Price:

     Index Basic D: Similar to the Everest except that it prints
on continuous form-feed paper. Price: $3,695 approximately. Young
Opportunities or ATR/J. Wood and Associates.

     Juliet: This is a 40 CPS interpoint embosser based on Romeo
technology. Enabling Technologies Company. Price: $3,995.

     Marathon Brailler: High speed, 200 CPS, Braille embosser
available from Enabling Technologies Company. Price: $12,995.

     Magnum 860i: This is a new unit from Germany that is
supposed to be introduced in April of 1996. It is approximately a
300 CPS interpoint unit. Manufacturer: SUEBIA GmbH Marketing
Services. Price: $45,000 approximately.

     MPRINT: Attaches to a Perkins Braille Writer and back
translates everything written on the Perkins for printing on an
ink-print printer. Requires Perkins Braille Writer. TeleSensory.
Price: $995.

     Ohtsuki Printer: Produces Braille and print. Available from
American Thermoform Corporation. Price: $4,695.

     Ohtsuki Typewriter: Standard typewriter-style keyboard that
prints in Braille and print simultaneously. Does not do Grade 2
Braille unless you type the proper ASCII characters on the
keyboard. American Thermoform Corp. Price: $15,000.

     Porta-Thiel: This is a small lightweight printer from Thiel
GMBH of Germany. It can print on single sheets or continuous
paper at approximately 10 CPS. Imported by TeleSensory and
others. Price: $1,895.

     Romeo Braille Printer (RB-25 and RB-40): Braille embossers
available from Enabling Technologies Company. Single-sided
printers that print at 25 and 40 CPS respectively and are priced
at $2,295 and $3,495.

     TED 600: Interpoint Braille embosser that prints at
approximately 350 CPS and is available from Enabling Technologies
Company. Price: $37,500.

     Thiel BAX-10 interpoint Braille Printer: High speed
interpoint embosser (300 CPS) distributed by TeleSensory. Price:

     Thiel Beta X/3 Braille Printer: Medium speed embosser (130
CPS) available from TeleSensory. Price: $13,995.

     Thomas: Single-sided 40 CPS desktop printer which is similar
to the Romeo. This printer is physically designed like the
Juliet; that is, in a desktop style case instead of with a handle
and lid like the Romeo. It is internally similar to the Romeo,
however. Enabling Technologies Company. Price: $2,995.

     Transend: System produces print and Braille on the same
page. The document is run through the ink-printer first, then the
Braille printer. Can produce large print as well. Enabling
Technologies Company. Price: $4,600 which includes an ink-print
printer, Thomas embosser, and Transend box with Duxbury in ROM.

      VersaPoint Braille Embosser: Braille embosser prints 40
characters per second, produces graphics and multiple copies.
TeleSensory. Price: $3,795.

     Note: All speeds are those provided by the manufacturers.
For speed tests performed by the International Braille and
Technology Center for the Blind, see the Braille Monitor,
December 1995.


     Alva Braille Terminal: 43- and 83-cell desktop Braille
displays. Can use either serial or parallel connections. Imported
from Holland by HumanWare, Inc. Price: $8,995 to $14,495.

     Alva Braille Terminal (portable): Available as 23- or 43-
cell models with batteries. HumanWare, Inc. Price: $4,995 to

     Braillex 2D: 80-cell refreshable Braille display with a
vertical strip that shows attribute and screen information.
Adaptec. Price: $16,500.

     DMFM-80: This is a Braille workstation with 80-cell Braille
display, two ten-cell status banks, built-in Braille keyboard,
and more. Telesensory. Price: $25,000.

     INKA: A new 40-cell Braille display. this one is a
keyboard/Braille display that plugs into the keyboard port. Also
available with speech and/or 12-cell monitoring modules.
Telesensory. Price $8,000 to $10,000 approximately.

     KTS Brailloterm: 40- or 80-cell desktop Braille displays.
American Thermoform Corporation. Price: $5,695 to $12,000.

     Mini Braille: This is a 22-cell Braille display that is
portable and runs from batteries. It can be used as a Braille
display with a computer or with the Braille 'n Speak 640.
HumanWare, Inc. Price: $3,450.

     Navigator: 80-cell refreshable Braille display. TeleSensory,
Inc. Price: $9,995.

     PowerBraille: New 40-cell display from TeleSensory. Comes
with ScreenPower Braille support software that controls the unit.
ScreenPower Braille can also support speech synthesizers
simultaneously with the Braille display. TeleSensory, Inc. Price:


Ransley Braille Interface: Humanware, Inc. Price: $995.

Auto Braille: Memory resident for IBM and compatible
systems. Can print out on paper or be used with a refreshable
Braille device. Kansys, Inc. Price: $195.

     BEX: Apple and compatible systems, editor and Braille
translator. Raised Dot Computing, Inc. Price: $450.

     Braille Talk Apple: Apple compatible system. GW Micro. Price

     Braille Talk PC: IBM compatible system. GW Micro. Price:

     Duxbury Braille Translator: IBM compatible systems under DOS
or Windows, MacIntosh, and a number of mini and mainframe
computers. Duxbury Systems, Inc. Price: $495 for PC and Mac

     DUXWP: Automatically formats and translates WordPerfect
files. Only works with WordPerfect. Duxbury Systems, Inc. Price:

      E-Z Braille: New Braille translator that automatically
handles ASCII and WordPerfect files. It is intended as a way for
sighted persons to produce Braille easily. High Expectations.
Price: $250.

     Mega Dots: Combination Braille translator and word
processor. Imports many file types and uses "Braille styles" to
format. Now has spell checker which can correct for common errors
that occur in scanned text. Raised Dot Computing, Inc. Price:

     NFBTRANS: IBM compatible systems. In 1992 the source code
was released to the public domain, and has since been modified.
Foreign language versions are also available. NFB NET. Price:

     PC Braille: IBM and compatible systems. Has filter programs
automatically to pre-process ASCII and/or WordPerfect files. ARTS
Computer Products, Inc. Price: $495 to $795.

     ProBraille: Apple compatible systems. Microtalk. Price:

     Turbo Braille: IBM and compatible systems. Handles ASCII,
WordPerfect and WordStar files. Includes partial implementation
of Grade 3 Braille and tools for including graphics and block
print letters into documents. Kansys, Inc. Price: $295.


     InfoTouch: TDD for the deaf-blind that employs either a
Romeo RB-20 or RB-40 Braille embosser for its Braille output.
Enabling Technologies Company. Price: $3,795 to $4,695.

     Lite Touch: TDD for the deaf-blind that uses a Braille Lite
for its Braille output. Blazie Engineering or Enabling
Technologies. Price: $4,600.

     TeleBraille III: This TDD system employs a 20-cell
refreshable Braille display and a Braille keyboard. TeleSensory.
Price: $6,295.


     DragonDictate: Voice activated system which can be used to
control a computer or run applications. Requires minimum of 386
computer and 24 megabytes of memory. Dragon Systems. Price:

     Kurzweil Voice/Meta Voice: Kurzweil Voice is a
voice-activated system which can be used to control a computer
with your voice. Meta Voice is a module that provides speech
output to Kurzweil Voice so that a blind person can use them.
Requires 486 computer and 32 megabytes of memory. Kurzweil Voice
from Kurzweil Applied Engineering and Meta Voice from Adaptek
Systems. Price: $2,995 for Kurzweil Voice and $2,395 for Meta


     Bitstream: Quarterly magazine on access technology which is
available only on computer disk. Shrinkwrap Computer Products.
Price: $49 per year.

     Braille Key Caps: (item #223-312-0441) are Braille key
labels which can be applied to a standard keyboard. Hooleon Corp.
Price: $14.95.

     Braille Reference Cards: Reference cards available for
WordPerfect, Lotus, Microsoft Word, DOS, ProComm, QWERTY,
WordStar, Quicken and dBase IV. For more information contact the
National Braille Press.

     C Programming: The C Programming Language by Kernighan and
Richie (considered to be the "Bible" of programming books in C
programming) is available in print and Braille. Cost is $24.95
for print and $24.95 for Braille (Braille is a five-volume
edition). Orders must be paid for in advance by either check or
money order or charged with Visa or Mastercard. National Braille

     Cassette Taped Tutorials: A company called Flip-Trak
Learning Systems has a wide variety of tutorials available on
cassette tape. They are intended for the general market but are
generally usable by blind persons. Subjects include computer
operation, operating systems such as Using DOS, and software
specific tutorials. Titles include WordPerfect, dBase, Lotus 1-2-
3 and more.

     Cassette Taped tutorials: Available tutorials include
operation of the Braille 'n Speak, using the Braille 'n Speak
with a modem, and ASAP screen review program. Top Dot
Enterprises. Price: approximately $15 each.

     CD-ROM Book: The CD-ROM Advantage for Blind Users is a book
about this timely topic, how it can help blind people, and how we
can get into it. National Braille Press. Price: $11.95.

     Computer Consultation for Federal Employees: GSA.

     Computer Folks: Informal monthly cassette tape magazine on
access technology for the blind. Cost is $20.00 per year from
Richard and Donna Ring.

     Computers: A monthly taped magazine on computers which
contains selections from BYTE magazine and PC World magazine.
Available for approximately $20.00 per year. From Recorded
Periodicals a division of Associated Services for the Blind.

     International Braille and Technology Center for the Blind:
Demonstration center for computer technology used by blind
persons. Tours, hands-on experience and comparisons, consultation
by letter or phone. International Braille and Technology Center
for the Blind, National Federation of the Blind.

     Internet: The National Federation of the Blind operates an
FTP site and a World Wide Web (WWW) site on the Internet. The FTP
site can be reached at and the address of the WWW site is

     Lotus 1-2-3 Learning Disk: Training documentation for Lotus
1-2-3 in Braille and on cassette. Hands-On Learning Corp.

     Massachusetts Association for the Blind: Audio cassette
library of technical documentation for hardware and software.
Massachusetts Association for the Blind.

     Mastering DOS: Twelve-volume Braille DOS manual for $48.00.
National Braille Press.

     National Federation of the Blind in Computer Science: Write
to or call the Computer Science Division for computer information
and/or questions.

     NFB NET: NFB NET is the computer Bulletin Board system or
BBS operated by the National Federation of the Blind. It offers
discussion areas on blindness and a variety of other subjects,
the Braille Monitor and other NFB literature, and a wide variety
of computer files. It supports baud rates from 300 to 28,800 and
parameters of N, 8, 1. The number is (410) 752-5011.

     NFBTRANS Questions: You can call the NFB NET computer
bulletin board with your modem at (410) 752-5011. NFBTRANS
questions can be left in Message Area 4 or Area 5. The latter
area will get your message out to other BBS's that cater to blind

     PC/Computing: Monthly general-interest computer magazine
produced in Braille by the National Library Service for the Blind
and Physically Handicapped. Contact NLS or your local regional
library for the blind.

     Recording for the Blind: Audio cassette library of technical
documentation for hardware and software. RFB has merged with
Computerized Books for the Blind and now distributes CBFB's E-
Text materials on computer disk.

      Tactic Magazine: Quarterly magazine which gives information
on current computer software and hardware. Comes in print and
Braille. Subscription costs are approximately $20.00 per year.
Clovernook Printing House for the Blind.

     Talk to Me Tutorials: Taped tutorials on WordPerfect, DOS,
dBase, ProComm, Braille 'n Speak, and some screen review
programs. These tutorials are produced by Doug Wakefield and
distributed by Raised Dot Computing.

     Update: Quarterly print or cassette magazine on computer
access for the blind, Sensory Aids Foundation.

     VersaNews: Quarterly magazine concerning VersaBraille's and
other Braille display equipment. Available on MS-DOS disk,
VersaBraille disk, and in print. David Goldstein. Price: $25.00
per year.

     WordPerfect Learning Disk: Hands-On Learning Corp.

     WordPerfect Manual on Diskette: WordPerfect Corporation.


     An Open Book: Stand-alone reading machine from Arkenstone,
Inc. Can also be converted into a standard IBM compatible
computer with the addition of a keyboard and screen review
program. Price: $4,695 to $5,395.

     An Open Book Unbound: Software version of An Open Book.
Requires you to provide computer and access technology. Requires
a 386SX or better. Arkenstone, Inc. Price: $995 for software;
$1,594 with Hewlett-Packard 2p or 3p scanner.

     Arkenstone 600: Same as Arkenstone Reader except that it is
based on an accelerated OCR card. Consequently, it processes  scanned pages
much faster than basic model. Arkenstone, Inc. Price: $5,140.

     Optacon II: Camera, control unit, and tactile array.
TeleSensory. Price: $3,695.

     OsCar: Software-based scanning/reading system. Requires 386
SX or better. TeleSensory. Price: $1,695.

     Rainbow: Stand-alone reading machine from Robotron, LTD. of
Australia. Same as their TR320 except that it has a DEC-Talk
synthesizer. Price: $4,500.

     Reading AdvantEdge: Newest PC-based scanning/reading system
from Kurzweil Computer Products. Price: $795 for software alone;
$1,295 to $2,995 including scanner. Price depends on specific
scanner purchased.

     Reading Edge: Stand-alone reading machine that is a one-
piece unit and weighs 20 pounds. Has scaled down book edge
scanner. Kurzweil Computer Products. Price: $5,495.

     ReadMan Pronounce Plus: Stand-alone reading machine which
uses DEC-Talk speech. Available from Schamex Research. Price:

     Robotron TR320: Stand-alone reading machine from the maker
of the Eureka A4. Robotron LTD. Price: $3,995.



     Note: Many of the services which provide Braille
transcription perform scanning as a part of their process. A list
of Braille transcription services is available from the National
Federation of the Blind or via NFB NET.

     Text Scanning: Provides scanning service. Will scan
textbooks, manuals, and publications to disk in WordStar,
Multimate, Display Write, WordPerfect, ASCII, and others. First
Run Computer Services.

     Text Scanning: Provides scanning service. Will scan in most
major computer programs. Media Conversion Corporation.

     Text Scanning: National Braille Press.


     Articvision, Artic Businessvision and Businessvision DT:
Screen review programs from Artic Technologies. Price: $395 for
Articvision and $495 for the others.

     Arts Info: Speech optimized data management system. Arts
Computer Products, Inc. Price: $495.

     ASAP: Automatic Screen Access Program from Microtalk. Price:

     BuckScan/PicTac: Software for the Arkenstone Reader and An
Open Book Unbound. BuckScan identifies money, and PicTac scans
drawings and produces Braille raised-line graphics on embossers
that have a graphics mode. Personal Data Systems. Price: $195 for
both or free with purchases of Arkenstone products.

     CompuSite Reader: Screen review program sold as Hal in Great
Britain. Supports Apollo line of synthesizers, and a few others.
E.V.A.S. Price $495.

     Encore: Speech optimized personal data keeper. Artic
Technologies. Price $150 for use with other Artic products, $195
for generic version.

     Eye Relief: Word processing package which provides large
type text. SkiSoft Publishing. Price: $295.

     Flipper: Screen review software. Omnichron. Price: $495,
(also available from Raised Dot Computing.)

     IBM Screen Reader: Screen Review program for DOS. Contact
IBM or your local IBM Branch Office.  Price: $600 to $723.

     JAWS: Job Access with Speech, Screen review program.
Henter-Joyce. Price: $495.

     KeySoft: A set of programs designed to work with speech
synthesizers. Includes word processor, spell checker, and
calculator. Requires a KeyNote Gold synthesizer. HumanWare, Inc.
Price: $595+.
KeyTerm: A speech friendly terminal communications program
that is designed in a similar manner to the KeySoft products.
Requires a Keynote Gold synthesizer. HumanWare, Inc. Price: $295.

     Lowrez: Program to produce and manipulate Braille graphics.
Will allow a blind person independently to draw using his/her
computer. Will also accept WordPerfect clip-art or TIFF files as
input. Supports all graphics-capable Braille embossers. Kansys,
Inc. Price: $295.

     Master Touch: Screen review program that features touch
tablet which has raised lines representing lines on computer
screen. The system reads what is under your finger as you move it
across a line. Also features conventional screen review access.
HumanWare, Inc. Price: Software $495, Touch Tablet $375. Requires
KeyNote synthesizer.

     Names: Name and address management software. Kansys, Inc.
Price: $79.

     PC Master: Screen review program that uses Braille 'n Speak
for both keyboard input and speech output. Blazie Engineering.
Price: $395.

     Provox: Screen review program. Kansys, Inc. Price: $295.

     Screen Power: Screen access software. TeleSensory. Price:

     Shareware Utilities: Barb the Browser, Ralph the Reader,
Letters, Highlite, and Watchdog. Kansys, Inc. Prices: $10 range.

     Slimware for DOS: Screen review program from Canada. Syntha-
Voice Computers. Price: $595.

     Tinytalk: Shareware screen review program. Can download from
NFB NET. OMS Development. Price: $75.

     Vocal-Eyes: Screen Review Program. GW Micro. Price: $450.



     Artesian Software: Computer games for the Versa Braille II.

     BrailleMaster: Braille translation program for the Eureka
A4. Integrated Assistive Technologies.

     Talking Dictionary: Franklin Language Master 600SE miniature
talking dictionary. This device, which is based on one made for
the general public, measures about six inches square and is
battery powered. Speech is fully integrated. Franklin Electronic
Publishers. Price: $450.



     Note: Products marked with an asterisk (*) were not
available at the time this list was last updated but were
expected in the near future. Please check with the manufacturer
for availability and price.

     *ASAP for Windows: Requires ASAP for DOS. Expected release
date fall 1995. Microtalk. Price: $495.

     IBM Screen Reader/2: This is the IBM Screen Reader for OS/2
and the Workplace Shell. Contact IBM or your local IBM Branch
Office. Price: $600 to $723.

     JAWS for Windows: This is Henter-Joyce's entry to provide
the blind computer user with Microsoft Windows access. Henter-
Joyce, Inc. Price: $695.

     OutSpoken: Speech access software for Macintosh. Berkeley
Systems, Inc. Price: $495.

     OutSpoken for Windows: Microsoft Windows access program.
Uses different DEC-Talk voices to represent different objects on
the screen. Requires DOS screen review program for full DOS
access. Berkeley Systems. Price: $595.

     ProTalk for Windows: Microsoft Windows access program that
supports a number of off-the-shelf sound cards such as the Sound
Blaster and Thunder Board in addition to standard speech
synthesizers. BioLink Computer Research and Development Ltd.
Price: $895.

     Screen Power for Windows: This product supports a variety of
speech synthesizers and refreshable Braille displays. Supported
displays include those from Telesensory and Baum. Puts Windows
information in a navigable matrix. Can use speech, Braille, or
both. Telesensory, Inc. Price: $995.

     Slimware Window Bridge: This was the first program that
allows access to Microsoft Windows via speech. Syntha-Voice
Computers. Price: $695.

      Windots: Program that uses the Braillex 3D refreshable
Braille display to access Microsoft Windows 3.1. ATR/J. Wood and
Associates. Price: $3,000.

     Window-Eyes: Windows access program from GW Micro. Price:

     Windows Master: Microsoft Windows access program that works
like PC Master. It will use a Braille 'n Speak for both input and
output. It also supports standard speech synthesizers and a
regular keyboard. Blazie Engineering. Price: $495.

     WinVision: Microsoft Windows access program which requires
an Artic Technologies SynPhonix 215 speech card or Transport
external synthesizer and Artic Businessvision version 3.08 or
better. Artic Technologies. Price: $495.

     Note: For more information on screen review programs, order
a computer disk of comprehensive evaluations from the NFB
Materials Center (order number LSA57D). This disk was prepared by
the staff of the International Braille and Technology Center for
the Blind. Price: $5.



     Accent: Internal, external, and PCMCIA units available.
AICOM Corporation. Price: $395 to $995.

     Apollo Speech Synthesizers: From Dolphin Systems of England,
both internal and external units are made. A number of other
languages besides English are available. E.V.A.S. Price: $995.

     Artic SynPhonix: Internal speech synthesizers for desktop
computers. Models for ISA and microchannel bus computers are
available. Artic Technologies. Price: $395 and up.

     Artic TransPort: External speech synthesizer with built-in
RAM disk and capacity to upload a screen review program to your
computer. Artic Technologies. Price: $895 to $1,295.

     Audapter Speech System: External speech synthesizer with
serial port and optional parallel port and battery. Personal Data
Systems. Price: $895.

     DECtalk Multi-Voice: Portable external version of the
DEC-Talk. Boston Children's Hospital. Price: $1,500.

     DECtalk PC: Internal speech card. Digital Equipment Corp.
Price: $1,195.

     DEC-Talk Express: External battery-powered DEC-Talk
synthesizer that weighs about one pound and is driven from a PC's
serial port. Digital Equipment Corporation. Price: $1,195.

     Double Talk LT: Small external version of the Double Talk
PC. Serial and Macintosh ports. RC Systems. Price: $310.

     Double Talk PC: Internal speech synthesizer card. RC
Systems, Inc. Price: $279.

     Echo PC: Inexpensive external synthesizer. Echo Corp. Price:

     InfoVox: Swedish-made speech synthesizer that can support
multiple languages. Available as internal and external models.
Henter-Joyce. Price: $1,295.

     KeyNote Gold synthesizers: These synthesizers, which are
sold by HumanWare, are primarily supported by the Master Touch
screen review program. There is a driver which makes the
synthesizers emulate an Accent synthesizer. They are available as
internal and external units, as well as an internal unit for some
Toshiba laptop computers. HumanWare also sells a variety of
turnkey computer systems using this speech. Price: $1,395 to
$2,295. (This product is generally sold with software, Master
Touch, KeySoft, etc., and prices depend on options purchased.)

     Keynote Gold Voice Card: A Keynote Gold synthesizer on a
PCMCIA Type II card for use with laptops equipped with PCMCIA
slots. HumanWare, Inc. Price: $995.

     Litetalk: External synthesizer based on Double Talk PC.
MicroTalk. Price: $495.

     Messenger Ic: Credit card sized speech synthesizer which
uses a PCMCIA slot. This slot is increasingly available on laptop
and notebook computers. Aicom Corp. Price: $995.

     Personal Speech System (PSS): Speech synthesizer with music
capabilities. Votrax, Inc. Price: $450.

     Personal Vert: Half-card internal speech synthesizer.
TeleSensory. Price: $495.

     Smartalk: Small external speech synthesizer that emulates an
Accent and is hooked up to the parallel port of a computer.
Automated Functions, Inc. Price: $369.

     Soundingboard: Internal speech synthesizer. GW Micro. Price:

     Speak Out: External synthesizer based on the Sounding Board.
GW Micro. Price: $650.

     Speaqualizer: External speech synthesizer and screen access
system created by the National Federation of the Blind and
distributed by American Printing House for the Blind. Price:

     TransBook: Portable, battery-powered speech synthesizer
which also includes a 20-key keypad and book/text file reading
program. The system, which is based on the TransPort speech
synthesizer can be used as a portable reader and has a removable
battery and memory card slot. Artic Technologies. Price: $1,195
to $1,895.



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