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More Communication Info:

  • Attainment Company
  • Coming to Terms with Disabilities: Speech Language Pathology
  • Communication Aids for Language and Learning Centre
  • Enabling Devices -- Enabling Devices designs, manufactures and sells more than 800 products for the physically challenged including Augmentative Communicators, Adapted Toys, Capability Switches, Sensory Devices, Leisure and ADHD/Autism Products. The company has been dedicated to providing unique and affordible products to the disabled for more than 25 years.
  • Educational Website -- A good source of information on speech problems and language disorders in children.
  • Future Forms -- Our company is a manufacturer and seller of braille paper for embossing. Visit for sizes, prices and availability of paper.
  • RehabTool.com -- Assistive Technology Services, Products, & Solutions
  • Tango - AAC device comes with 2,500 prerecorded phrases and room for thousands more.

Of special interest...

Bloch Touch Psychotherapy is the application of the principles of existential/person-centred psychotherapy through the modality of touch. This may be of particular benefit to people with hearing and other communication disabilities. There is also a website for professional therapists at Bloch Healing: Principles and Practice.

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