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Some important articles on Universal Design appear in the CODI archives, including Comments made to NIDRR Forum on Disability Research in Summer 1995 by Gregg Vanderheiden of the Trace R &D Center. Also noteworthy and interesting is Accessibility By Any Other Name Is ...Usability -- an article that appeared in the December 1993 issue of the EIA/CEG "CE Network News"

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Universal Design in Information

Universal Design in Your Home

  • ADAAG Pro -- makes performing ADA facility audits a breeze. ADAAG Pro is an easy-to-use software solution to assist in ADA facility audits and creates fully customizable accessibility surveys for any type of facility. Based on the ADAAG checklist, it makes creating and maintaining surveys a snap.
  • AliMed -- Provide medical, healthcare and ergonomic products.
  • Concrete Change -- constructing barrier-free homes
  • Easy Climber -- About stair lifts
  • Expertise
  • FreedomShowers.com provides valuable information to consumers and families seeking barrier free bathing solutions for their homes.
  • Gita -- Pollock Lifts are a leading manufacturer of through floor domestic lifts, Stair lifts, Platform lifts and overhead hoists.
  • MediTek Ltd -- An English company, provides stairlifts and accessories to the global market. MediTek maintains the highest level of safety, operational effectiveness, and above all, quality.
  • MoneyGeek -- A guide offers a variety of resources on independent living for people with disabilities.
  • PhoenixRising Solutions -- specializes in Universal Design, Accessibility, and Business Research/Design. Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Ramps
  • UDA Accessible Ideal Home Plans

Universal Design for Learning

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